Echoes of the Soul

You are the wind and I sway with you -- I am the wind and you sway with me

You are the wind  with you I sway — I am the wind with me you sway..  pic: by me somewhere on the way to kulekhani


 The Soul Chat -:

There you are — you were there always- it was me who never understood your presence. You always remained underscored and otherwise a vigilant who never expressed anything, who never wanted anything in return. You are I and I am you – I am you and you were I some time ago. How the role changes? How well this telepathy works? How well are we connected with an invisible network of our souls? Don’t you feel the same vibes that I feel? The positivity, the charm that makes us laugh or sometimes negativity and the sadness that turns us silent– our life is full of these both emotions, right? My soul echoes to the voice of your soul – and yours? How can your soul not echo my voice? I often hear myself — my inner self’s echoes when we have this soul chat.

This is our favorite bakery shop — and here is our favorite table -we sit there often face to face – confused always what to have first- (The first day I had met you – I had worried so much about my eating etiquette – I know you remember that and I know how much you like the way I eat– messily 🙂 ). Well, the first time of our soul chat was amazing – I thought I was you for the first time. I saw myself in you. You were like a mirror for me– Am I a mirror for you too? To watch your past or present in me?

Oh I was talking about our favorite place – where we sit and our soul echoes and echoes to each other. I order an iced tea – my favorite one since I gave up Coffee (Painful). But you have this love for Americano – I get jealous — I love it when you take a sip of my iced tea — and I smile in silence. When I start talking — I lose myself — like the melting ice cubes in the slender, elegant glass of my iced tea — I suddenly become a 2 year old — and I change immediately to a 60 year old – when I advise you out of nowhere — and you get surprised. You know with you I open up myself so hugely without a single fear and doubt of the judgments — I don’t know why I am like this to you — and also you — when you open up -and when you realize I echo the same — I feel wow.

Once Sylvia Plath said – “When at last you find someone to whom you feel you can pour out your soul, you stop in shock at the words you utter.” It happened to both of us remember? But then while opening up with you I remember myself as a small child of two year old , a school going Sweta , a free Sweta who played slide and broke her tooth, Sweta who did toilet on the khet while returning on foot from school because all the time her stomach ached, Sweta who made her every friend laugh — like her mother did — Sweta who forgot her pain making people laugh — Sweta who laughed a lot and a lot and a lot — like her mother — hiding the enormous pain faced or had in depth…or say the true self of mine ! And you see all of these with my eyes — without judgements – just like as I view it and review it — without comments — !

This coziness I feel with no one, the immense patience to hear anything- I find in no one, the sharing of teary eyes with me — I have seen in no one…the feeling of the depth of my heart and feelings of anything I say– I felt with no one. You are me and I am you and we echo each other — Words are not just enough — they are abundant — we need no words — no language– the aura, the vibes and the cloud of positivity and yes negativity sometimes (very rare though) are enough for our souls to echo where we both lose our voices, forget our languages and we talk in silences that echoes from here and there — from you to me and from me to you..where all the technological communication fails — the moment when soul echoes with each other!


8 Responses

  1. Beautiful…..
    Keep goin….

  2. wonderful piece

  3. ” the moment when soul echoes with each other ” pathless telepathy definitely true 🙂
    once more, keep on insouciant sweta!!

  4. Thank you so much Amod Sir 🙂 — So good to find your comment here

  5. Thank you dear Anil — thanks for reading me for all these beautiful years — since the time I wrote journals in Hi5 — u rem that ?

  6. Thank you so much Beck 🙂

  7. someday i will read everything in your blog.:)

  8. Thank you so much Brazesh dai – it is an honor 🙂

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