Lucky blog

I am feeling lucky. The advancement of technology through which I am able to type these wonderful words,thanks to adsl and special thanks to inverter by grace of which adsl modem is running and special thanks to this N82 in which i am typing these words. I am enjoying this cool morning in front of this fire no electricity so no computer…no college because of another strike and no office because of no electricity and what about lazy sweta cheers another day to rest. Lovely cell blog my 1st mobile entry cheers


3 Responses

  1. must be the magic of words…I’ve frequented this blog many a times but only now, m having the impulsion to comment after exchanging G-talk Hi n hello 🙂

    the entry reminded me of my recent trip to India where I was as excited as you are here on checking my mails , blog and updating facebook status through the cell phone…though one doesn’t need to travel to India just to do that….I didn’t have to go through paying extra for I was excited as a child when I could do that :)…
    So I can relate to this “Lucky blog’ sentiments I guess…hehe

  2. yes yes ..very lucky..and thanks to N82…advancing technology has really been a good-supporting-sister of creativity…so keep on using this advancement

  3. Sweta…cant resist myself to drop in a comment here as well…ur style of writing is truly admirable…very creative, i must say…keep it up gal..

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