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Dear friend,

Miracles do happen sometimes. It was a miracle indeed that we met and we became friends. You are so very far away from me today dear friend and so many things have happened in your absence. I am wearing spectacles now, I pierced my ear, I have gained weight again and I love coffee even more.

I look out of the window and try to feel the air outside, you are inhaling same air my friend and the sky above us is also same. Yet again you are so far away and so very contact-less. I don’t know where are you now, what are you doing now, what are you thinking now and m I have many other Wh-questions but just like these questions I have a lot to share to you about me. Gone are the days when I used to have you beside me and I used to share all those little details, daily grudges, ups and downs, movements, laughter, cries, headaches and pains, about food, about cups of coffee(s), about apple and watermelon and many more. Do you remember the early calls ? How we used to call each other very early in the morning just because we had to study? Oh! Dear time changes…

I am so unaware of your whereabouts that is why I want to mail you so that I won’t lose the connection with you. Dear, loneliness strikes so hard and pinches in the heart. Moreover the cell phone remains silent for days and nights, your number have stopped coming in the screen and when I dial your number; it is always off. I hate this girl who says “the number you are dialing..blah blah blah”. But I never stop dialing it. I am just waiting for the day this girl’s voice is replaced. But when?

I will write you dear. Writing will make me feel satisfied because I am writing to you. You forgot my birthday, but I silently waited for your wish that day. I remember how you used to wish me many times…and how I used make you wish me many times. Your smile strikes me the most. This image that the mind has captured will remain forever. Don’t know I will be able to see the same smile again or not.

Time changes, belief changes, vision changes, people change ; but Friends do not. Where ever you are in the world…I wish that one day I will be able to show you these letters that I am going to post in this blog from now onwards. You know you are my gem, you are my strongest point, you are the one whom I fought with most, you are the one whom I shared happiness, sadness, love, hate and everything.

This much for today… 🙂 🙂 I hope you are having great days…

I will write to you soon

Lots of love to you dear friend..


7 Responses

  1. sarhai man chhu lekh!

  2. Mann chhoyo Sachchi nai

  3. this is so simple, touchy and trouble free writing, but you know what made it all the more nice(r) for me? it is the fact that, this is one of those letters i have seen in like ages, that is ‘undemanding’. i love the simplicity and despite the fact i do not know *xyz* person you have written to, i still believe, he/ she reads it some day! 🙂 and brings back the smile you once had with *xyz* 🙂
    keep posting hai!

  4. Thank you Rajan…Geevan Bau

    Suvexa , I will be posting letters 🙂 Thanks a lot…

  5. Liked it as always….yes the writing is simple yet touchy…everyone can relate with this letter I guess…I was checking profile of my old friends today on facebook..and this letter reminded me of all those old days…they are all gone now !!

  6. Its hard to forget………….but you can…….and so its life……… 🙂

  7. Thank you Kishor and Cp 🙂

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