Dear Friend,

“If we were things born/ Not to shed a tear” – P.B. Shelly

You must have already guessed why I started this mail with the above words. Yes dear I am tearful today. I am happy but I am sad equally. I am sad because my happiness is not reaching to you by any means. I am sad because my happiness remains locked inside me. It will not open unless you come with the unlocking keys of your happiness. Dear friend, I was just thinking like the above lines of Shelly, if we were things born–not to shed a tear…then there would be all happiness only. But then if you are not here with whom I can share all these happiness then what I will do if I can’t cry, I will die of emotional crisis 🙂 . Well, I will not die without meeting you giving you these letters, or if I die so early then this blog shall preserve these letters. I hope you will log in someday and read these letters. I know this is just another stupid act, but I feel connected to you while I write you.

Dear friend, sand of this life is moving downwards….Aren’t we meeting in this life? Why are you playing hide and seek with me? We are grown ups come on. Why are you so away like a far away star? I can see you.. I can feel you.. but I can never reach you; something forbids me- distance, communication and moreover your unwillingness. I live with this hope, pipe dream that you will come back again and we will have life just like we used to have. Life is practical, I know dear. This is my stupidity that I live with this pipe dream. Life without a true friend is like hell.

You know these days it rains so much. I catch cold most of times. I remember your scolding. You know the one who loves most is the one who scolds most. I remember all your scolding. I remember your anger. I remember your catching of ears. I remember your smile. I remember your mole. I remember the warm hands. My friend, warm hands of yours were there as my strength. Now there are no hands but the warmth is always there.

Where are you? I have an urge for meeting you, beholding you, talking with you, chatting with you, texting you, eating out with you, sharing with you and so many things- at first happiness. My happiness remains unshared-because  I have been waiting to share these to you. There was a movie which ended with the line “Happiness is nothing if not shared”( something like this). But what if you don’t have any interest in listening my musings? But what if you don’t feel like reading these letters? But what if you will hate these letters?

Just unimaginable for me…

This much for today I am having to many negative feelings

Wish you are fine , absolutely fine.



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  1. your inbox(2) is so cute. Loved reading it.

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