Zhe Ze…( Say Cheese)

One month in Beijing passed away.. and every one are so ready to go back to home. I am ready with all my bags packed with gifts and all the Chinese  things. Oh my god…the departure date is so near. Yes, I want to go back home definitely and I miss my home so very much.. but still I will miss Beijing ever in life. I am really getting emotional and I wanted to pour all the emotions where I don’t know. I really don’t know what to do, what to feel, what to say..it is really hard to say “Good Bye”. Good Bye to people whom you did not knew at the beginning but when you eat together all the three Chinese meals, go to every place together and always take a together photo for good memories… and to say good bye to these people “is being hard”. People from around 14 countries…you meet them at a place and the live together for so long. One month is a real long time !Getting along together with so many people .. creating a link between ourselves.. this is really sweet and original….

I am just waiting to go back home.. Most of them are gone. All of them with tearful eyes. Beijing has been the most beautiful chapter in my life. If I had visited the country for just a visit or for some business it would have been a different thing. But here I was for a month. A month of my life with more than 50 people and together with them every time. People from different nationalities, different taste, different size and everything so different about them. Yes we have language to talk. Thank God some body have invented the English language…except for the Korean guys. Whoa! We use sign language with them and few English words and yet we communicate. We meet at breakfast, lunch and dinner. We been everywhere together. I am going to miss this together-ness everytime. I have realized the value of the together-photo they have taken always and everywhere. CRTV- together photo please.

Their faces, their attitude, their laughter, their movement everything will be missed. Probably we are never meeting again in this life…and probably we are meeting again and again. This group is amazing and being youngest in the group is always cherished because every one just loves you and treats you in a different way.

This kind of journey is really rare. And because it is rare, it will be cherish for ever.

Still more friends to see off. I can’t hold my tears any more. Departure is really very sad. It is hard to say Good-bye.

But still I am yearning to land in my dear Nepal. Oh ! One month in foreign land is suffocating. I don’t belong here my mother Nepal. I don’t belong here. I am coming back. Just 24 hours more and I will be in the TIA in Kathmandu. Miss you Kathmandu a lot.



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  1. Welcome home Sweta! you are coming with good memories.

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