Cloudy Clouds

Feels like it is yesterday, when Ama taught to look at the clouds and imagine shapes, ice cream, Sunkeshari rani, the beast, cat, dog, cycle, pretty frock… All those imaginations! How lovely were those childhood moments? Bliss!

And during the night.. Ama said look up to the sky and see how the stars are glowing ..they are Saptarishis , one is dhurba tara..

Small tiny eyes that stared at the sky, clouds, rainbow has grown big ! Now, imagination are replaced by dreams. Now, these eyes dream.

Watching clouds is my favorite hobby ~ inherent — or hereditary 🙂


“The virgin cloud/ Young and Vibrant / Till it gets impregnated / With heavy aqua
Happy it seems/ But with thunder /Abortion Happens / -Rain falls”


The Evening Cloud is like a bride ~~



As the day grows, I bright up like a bride – let me look at the mirror and shine – I have to move towards the night to meet my groom in the next sky . ( Pic by Om at Bhakatapur )


A new category in coffee house … Viewfinder 🙂


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