Modiaain Modian Review

I have known B.P Koirala for his following of Sigmund Freud’s psycho-analysis. I was unaware of other of his books. “Sumnina” which I read a long time ago was a beautiful novel but it was full of sexuality.

I read Modian Modiaain by B.P. Koirala with the initiation one of the readers of this blog , Mr. Uddav Silwal. I am grateful to him that because of him I read that book and I am really happy to have read such a wonderful book.

Modian Modiaain, an historical novel written by B.P Koirala deals with the condition of woman while their husbands went for war during the “Great Mahabharat”.

There are few characters in the novel. One is Modian “Modiaain” , a female character who tells the story to the narrator who is reminiscing his visit to one of places in India..

Narrator remembers how he went with “Misri Ji” to “Darbhanga” and how he listened this story of disparity and desperateness.

The story told by Modian Modiaain deals with the historical event Mahabharat. Mahabharat is the great war fought in between two families. We remember so many events and circumstances of Mahabharat. The teachings of Shri Krishna …so many good words…so many big people who fought war that time. But we rarely remember the small soldiers…who gave their life that time, their families…everything for the sake of war. But What did they got from the war?

This novel surprised me reminding me the condition of those poor woman whose husband went in war. Who remembers their desperateness ? Having lost the only source of their happiness, who have ever thought about their condition ? There were no males alive in the numerous villages…there was blood shed…rivers of blood flowing…but no one ever thought about that.

Reading the book was so much pleasure because it re-winded the history in me. We watched Mahabharat and Ramayan while growing up. But I had never ever thought about what novel has portrayed. In this sense novel provides justice to those women who lost their husbands…and all source of their happiness…and also those dead ones whom we never remember.

Really wonderful book !!!


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  1. वि पी कोइराला अनि मोदिआइन निकै राम्रो छ । साँच्चै भन्दा सबैभन्दा बढि कथा उपन्यास वि पी कोइरालाकै पढेको छु । हरेक कथा मा फ्रायड को झझल्को दिलाइरहेकाहुन्छन् विपी ले । अनि मोदिआइन मा पनि फ्रायड को मनोविज्ञानको भरपुर उपयोग गरिएको छ ।

    मोदिआइन आफैँमा गतिलो संग्रहयोग्य पुस्तक त हो नै, त्यसमाथि यो रिभ्यु ले फेरी एकपटक पढ्न हौस्याएको छ । यति राम्रो रिभ्यु को लागि धन्यवाद ! अब मलाई यो किताब दिनुपर्‍यो है, पढ्नलाई यो रिभ्यु मात्र पढेर पुगेन ! 😉

  2. Well said Sweta. Like they say, ‘history is written by the winners’. I also think whatever we know about past is incomplete. We only see it through winner’s perspective. There are many unseen characters, which great people with immense imaginative power can identify,, like B.P. Koirala did in ‘Modiain’.
    By the way, you have written it ‘Modian’, which is making it a bit difficult to pronounce. I think it is ‘Modiain’ not ‘Modian’… 🙂

  3. I think it’s Modiaain…not modian or modiain…hehe…

  4. Thank you very much for the correction…but I don’t think Freud’s psychology is used here in Modiaain 😉

  5. श्वेताजी !!!

    साँच्चै काँढा उम्रिए – जब कल्पना गर्दा ति आईमाईहरु – जसका पुरुषले तिनका ओठभरी रङ्गहीन रङ्ग पोतेर गए ।

    हामीसँग सँस्कार छैन – साँच्चै काढा उम्रिए – जब कल्पना गर्दा ति आईमाईहरु – जसका पुरुषले तिनका यौवनका रङ्गभरी एउटा काहालीलाग्दो रङ्गहीन रङ्ग पोतेर गए ।
    ति सैनीकहरु – जसले युद्धमा आफ्नी आईमाईको सिन्दूरको रङ्गसँग खेलेका थिए; तिनको कही कतै लेखाजोखा हुँदैन ।
    हो ! यो सत्य हो – हामी ईतिहास पल्टाउन सक्छौँ ।

  6. ‘Modiaain…..’
    hmmm…. i also will read this book once and i’ll comment upon ur review.

  7. I have read it, it’s such a beautiful novel. BP was a great politician but he was even more greater a writer.

  8. Modiaain ma malai maan pareko line bhaneko Modiaain le ma patra lai “Timi thulo manchhe bhanda pani aasal bannu bhaneko ho”. Pustak sachai ramro chha. Sweta le yesma ajhai bhitri kura samete ko bhaye ramro hunthyo ki?

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