November Nights

November has seen many things. All the time it has been the witness of the upheavals of life ~ the most beautiful and the worse. Yet it has gathered me, collected me from the pieces scattered and pushed me towards delightful December ~ continually reminding me that ~ I should move on ~ move on towards some uncertain future~ to dare to face it without covering my face. But last year it didn’t see the Rain and this year too it seems like it will not see it again. NO RAIN??? How will my heart handle this drought ~ the dearth of the droplets? How will November itself handle the ugliness of the drought?

Yet, November air brings the special fragrance of yours from far far away like the snow flakes falling at your end , melting away turning itself into the droplets, falling continuously , melting unconditionally and turning into the river and flowing to get attached to the large ocean and then traveling all the way to me after being vaporized ~ ( I take a long deep breathe here). In the chilliness of the air ~ there is some moist ~ and that carries you and I happily inhale the cool , chilly and lovely moist air just to feel you ~ just to feel you.

And you ~ in the neurons of my head ~ you flow erratic ~ that’s the way you have always flown inside me ~ arbitrarily ~ the way you want to ~ making me awestruck with the jingles of your heart. The plain skin suddenly gets goosebumps…I have no idea what I am feeling. I close my eyes and make my eyes shrink and sink inside my face. Slowly, opening my eyes I see the bumps…I touch each of them slowly and gradually…and I feel you madly~ madly yes!!! yes madly. The chill in the November Nights give me similar bumps reminding me of you ~ almost all the very time.

Yet, I wait for the rain. Nothing delights me than rain in the chilly November. I get jealous of the snowflakes that fall over you ~ I desire to be those snowflakes and fall all over you shyly. And, I want you to be the rain ~ come here and make me damp to end all my anxiousness and make me feel alive by spreading a chill all over me, with the coolness that I can feel it in my bones under the layers and layers of my skin. My dear magician, do some magic ~ such that the roaming clouds will melt in your love and fall drop by drop all over me~ I want to feel the drizzle of your love, the shower of your love and the droplets of your love. Ending my wait ~ will you fall over me again for making you mine yet again?

This is our small table~You are reading the favorite chapter of your heart ~ that all the time includes my shadow. Outside I imagine the falling droplets~ inside we toast our red wine glasses. In the chill, while you are reading with your shiny eyes, I steal you a little bit, I steal your voice a little bit, I steal your glimpse a little bit ~ collectively I try to steal you slowly and gradually. You know that I am stealing you ~ and you try to make me feel as if you are ignorant of the fact that you are being stolen when you know that I am slowly stealing you ~ you let yourself to be stolen~stolen by me. And, I try to combat the cold created by the rain I had desired so hard by drinking you from my glass of wine.

Heat and cold ~ Yin and Yang ~ You and I ~ I and You ~ in one of the crazy November Nights…

P.S. : #NovemberWish ~ #Rain #Nirvana



2 Responses

  1. November ~ the trees are standing all sticks and bones, without their leaves, spreading their arms like dancers, how lovely they looks, they know it is time to be still….

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