Sano Sansar – Housefull !!!

Yes the wait was over today. After all I was planning for a movie, that also a Nepali movie “Sanso Sansar” directed by my very favourite person Alok Nembang. I had watched his Century Top Ten and I used to like him as a child , should I say my childhood crush, that would be too weird. As I grew up I didn’t found Alok Nembang anywhere but I guess he had acted in “Numafung” I may be wrong. But the name was in my mind and when I knew he is making Sano Sansar then I was more than happy. I had really waited for Sano Sansar, as I had waited for Kaagbeni. Kaagbeni yes couldnot meet my expectation but it is a wonderful movie that’s for sure.

I could have watched Rock On!! ( another Hindhi movie ) which is saved in this computer but I want to write so I am writing here for Sano Sansar.

I had gone to a movie theatre only twice one I saw the movie called “Tarkeeb” of Nana Patekar with sisters at Guna Cinema, when I was in grade 8 ( I remember that I had exam after a week that time ) and then I had watched “Dhai Akshar Prem Ki” with my friend Ankita FOC ( hahah Free Of Cost ) nearby my home at Metro Hall ( Owned by my father’s friend ). As for Dramas I have been to Gurukul many a times.

I got a call from Sunu to book tickets at Jai Nepal ( ooooo!!! Jai Nepal ) for four of us on Thursday. I was happy after all I was breaking record by going to a movie theatre. But to my dismay, I forgot to call the Hall as she had told me to book tickets and poor she called me at 6 and says furiously that she has changed plan for Saturday ( today). I tried to call but the 50%  discount show was House full. Then What say!!

I told Jun hall gaye ni bhai halyo ni ta ( We can go to any hall) and she told YAAK !!! Chiii…and then I suggested that if we could go to “Garden Of Dreams” and I told her too but my HiFi friend told its sooooo sunnyyyy…aba K garne ( what to do now ) , We needed to cancel the plan. There is no heartbreaks because we rarely fulfill our promises and may be I have no intrest in hanging out with them. ( I am missing Sanju we used to hangout nearby Kritipur at TU, eating the pani puris in discount…screaming..shouting…calling many people from our CEll and it was real fun…I really miss those days).

So, I planned nothing for this Saturday, I am not washing scooty because I had given it for servicing and it is shining so much. Then as there were so many shouts and I wanted to go away and I wanted to escape. I called Seema, my friend and ask her that Sano Sansar herna jane ( Lets go to watch Sano Sansar). She agreed and we agreed to go to Guna Cinema Hall, where my brother usually goes on Saturdays. But today he was not going and also was telling don’t go there go to Jai Nepal. Hyaa I told jaha here ni Flim herne ta ho ni ( Where ever we go we will watch the movie only ).

Dismay, Scooty was not getting start, but I managed after all I had really wanted a escape. Then I picked up Seema from Balkhu, we went to Mahalakshmisthan then after Bhairavthan and my Mamaghar ate naspati,kakro and anar and we headed towards Garwko, Guna Cinema Hall.

It was hard to park. I managed and What we needed topay first and I did that. Then Took out money and went to the counter. I saw the notice “Teen ko show Sano Sansar Housefull” ( Three’s show of Sano Sansar is Housefull ). I tried to ask by paying more and what could I do by saying “Rock On” herna hunthiyo bhai le computer ma save garera rakheko cha ( We could watch Rock On but it is already saved in my computer by brother ) , and Seema too had already watched the movie twice. 

What we could do other than headed off from there frowning? Where we could go now ? We laughed at our helplessness. I was laughing even more because I could not watch the movie after so hardship…of course Petrol !!!!!

Poor Sweta could not watch the movie. So no movie review today. I have promised myself the ticket of Jai Nepal ofcourse Saturday’s.

P.S. Hahahahahahahahah really funny…..housefull…


25 Responses

  1. well yeah, Alok Nembang has acted in Numafung!!
    I wish you luck for the tickets… I have been crossing my fingers too!!
    Let’s hope the movie doesn’t disappoint us… hope to read a review from you soon!

  2. Hi ther Sorry for u you couldn’t make it Actually i searched in the google for the review n i surf in ur site if i get any review for that movie. i am also very interested to watch the movie but i am abroad. ani testo incident even i also had many times returning from the jainepal in morning and watching the movie in 12 . bye hope to read a review from you.

  3. i thought u had updated n wil give me correct unbiased review about the movie Sanosansar so I ‘ve checked the site but i think ur in the cinema watching there. so plz post how’s the movie ?n i jus heard the initial review of the movie is not excitin. ?

  4. तुलनात्मक रूपमा यो धेरै राम्रो सिनेमा बनेको छ तर स्क्रीप्टमा अझै मिहिनेत गरेको भए अझ बेटर बन्न सक्थ्यो । तर हाइज्याक जस्ता हिन्दी सिनेमाभन्दा यो स्तरीय र मनोरञ्जक छ । अर्को कुरा, यो धेरैजसो नेपाली फिल्मभन्दा पिक्चर क्वालिटी, प्रेजेन्टेशन, अभिनय र अन्य धेरै कुरामा अगाडि छ । मूलतः यसको संगीतले मलाइ चाहिँ छोयो ।

    र, हामीजस्ता युवालाइ यो सिनेमा मन पर्लाजस्तो लाग्छ । यदि हामीले यस्ता सिनेमालाइ हतोत्साही नपार्ने हो भने निकट भविष्यमा राम्रा सिनेमा बन्ने कुरामा म ढुक्क छु ।

    अब कमजोरीकै कुरा गर्ने हो भने त हलिउडिया फिल्ममा त गुफ्सहरू भेटिन्छन् भने हाम्रा फिल्ममा के नभेटियून् !

  5. Hey guys! well well well…your waits are over …you can visit my site for the review that was first in Nepali film called “SANO SANSAR” Read it and I am waiting for your comments.


  6. Hey guys!!!
    I am really jealous..I am going to watch the movie soon. But I am not getting time. Iam sure the movie is good. I am waiting to watch…btw i need to manage a lot.

  7. Oh come on, the movie is gonna suck. Remember Kagbeni?
    What can you expect from a bunch of talentless film crew?

  8. Hey,,,
    Its not gonna suck…and Kaagbeni was a nice movie…Come on they are brooding talents we should encourage them not to discourage…I am damn sure the movie is really good because it is not like other nepali movies that I have never watched….
    I do expect a lot from the movie.

  9. hoina yar flim ta dami 6 pargati ko kamana garda chu aauda din ma pani yestei flim herna paiyos la

  10. namrata shrestha lai ali ramro sanga prastut gareko bhaye dekhi ramro hunthiyo.
    another title “SANO SANSAR” al namilejasto lagyo

  11. ma chahi yo movie ko dvd copy garera support garne
    And Kagbeni was the worst movie I had seen for many years. Because:
    a)The camerman was an idiot
    b)It was less of a movie and more of a documentary, that documentary filled more time in the movie than the actual story(which is also blatantly copied)
    c)The sex scene served no purpose (except for may be some publicity?)
    d)And needless to say, all the film crew were talentless
    I watched it only because Nima Rumba was there.

    But then again, I don’t watch Nepali movies. I don’t even watch Hindi movies. They all suck. And any Nepali movie trying to imitate a Hindi movie is bound to suck like really bad, and I’m talking about Sanosansar and the rest of the Nepali movies.
    I am not wasting my money and more importantly TIME for this bound-to-suck movie.

  12. Hey Ken21,,,

    Do you think Kagbeni is unlike other chicky Nepali movie that are copy of the Hindhi movies, there are other sides too. It is such a wonderful movie because it is a Nepali movie. I believe it has brought a revolution and that is why people got a new movie called Sano Sansar….
    (A) About your reaction about the camera man, give me reason that why is he an idiot ? I didn’t find any idiotness in the cameraman ? Wasn’t the scenes nery beautifully captured.
    (B) Regarding the movie to be more documentary, I agree but at the same time I disagree because there is plot , there are characters, there is action, there is climax , so these all things make Kagbeni a movie.
    (C) Thirdly, the intimate scene, I agree that was for the publicity. It was akward either to see them.
    (D) I have no words when you say that the crew were talentless because I find new brooding talents in them. Puja Gurung has done excellent job.
    Regarding Nima Rumba, he hadn’t acted well because I know him as a singer. Other actors in my opinion were best.

    I too dont watch Nepali movie. Hindhi movies , some are really good. ( Come on all hindhi movie doesnot suck !!! Do they ?? )

    We must encourage talents like Alok Nembang, It is his first directoral debut, there may be some mistakes, but again we need to encourage them, give them suggestion where and how they can improve and give us the movie of our taste.

    Just by sending harsh remarks is not enough Ken21.

    I am going to watch the movie for sure.

  13. Lol,
    Hi again,
    Kagbeni was not a special movie. Just a poor clone of probably-a-hollywood/bollywood movie which can never actually be compared to them.
    Once again
    a) Did you watch the movie carefully? I didn’t notice one moment when the screen wasn’t moving. I mean moving like it would in National Geographic. The camera man showed his awesome music video skills which was quite idiotic when applied in a real movie.
    b) The movie is 90 % documentary and 10% plot+characters+climax
    c) Exactly. Talentless idiots trying to prove ‘something’
    d) Watch a few Hollywood movies or a good bollywood movie see what true talent is. I’m not talking about their huge budgets but their passion for acting and movie making. Feel the difference in the classes of film crew.
    It wasn’t a really bad movie, the story(which was stolen) was good but it could have been alot better. That is what I’m saying.
    Anways, watch the movie and write a review on it. Tell us how bad it sucked. :>

  14. well i saw it three days ago at kumari…i liked the movie very much. though it is true that script could hav been much better and the inexperience in making a very creative movie is clearly visible after watching the movie, we must not forget that it is one of the first nepali films of its kind, and we, the regular viewers of hollywood movies, are sure to find flaws in it. however, it is more than an overwhelming attempt in the nepali film industry and the acting of lead actors is truly awesome…in short, i liked the movie.

  15. To,
    How could you say that Kagbeni was not a special movie ? I wonder why are you criticising the movie so much. I believe from your talks that you are fan of Hollywood movies and trying to find out same quality or samething in the first Nepali movie which have won hearts. ( I am among them ).
    A) I had watched the movie carefully friend and I din’t found it as National Geographic but I found a movie there, the characters though couldnot potray the real life they were looking somehow real.
    B) 10 % movie element makes it movie. It is released as a movie not a documentary. So, we neednot say that it is documentary, do we ??
    C) I already told you they are brooding talents and we need to respect their first try. I don’t understand why are you saying them talentless. Friend Can we do the same thing that they have done ?? Talent comes by hardwork. People learn from the mistakes, right ?? Let us point out where they were wrong and suggest them to improve.
    D) I have just finished watching Dark Knight and Hancock . Certainly they cannot be compared. Huge budget is the main thing. I can feel the difference but at the same time, I want to ask you a question that Could a first try in these few years of movie making be compared to that of Hollywood ??

    Wait till saturday and I am going to tell you the truth. Either you are right or I am let me say you.

    To, Prateek
    I saw your status in facebook that you were in love with Namarata Shrestha,,,,right ?? I am glad that you appreciated the movie. I think I am going to love it too.

  16. i like this movie a lot and i m gona watch it again and again

  17. Thats was the F….. damn hopeless movies. A discrace ful disaster to new expextation of nepali movie. and it was lot of scripts stealing from “Sassy Girl” and “You’ve got Mail” but in the most pathetic way.
    Sano Sansar sucks. And the f…….g b…….d Alok Nembang sucks his own p… p….

    The comment is edited

  18. Hi guys,
    I am nobody. I was just surfing the net and found this website. I read ken21’s comments for the movie kagbeni and found it very arguable. I don’t know any of you, but I found ken21’s arguments very immature. I don’t know how you can even try to compare hollywood with bollywood or kollywood. It is senseless to even try to compare them. It is like you are comparing an adult with a kid. What I have learned in my life about kids is that if a kid makes a mistake then give a chance, second chance, give more attention and encourage him/her, let him/her grow so that s/he can make it better. Don’t try to squeeze it b4 it grows up. I have not watched kagbeni and yah u might be right in ur saying tht the movie sucks, but tht doesnot mean you have to compare it with hollywood movie n be proud of urself in saying tht u dont watch kollywood or bollywood movie bcoz it does not suit your choice and personality. it is ok to watch hollywood bollywood or any wood movie but one should never compare it with any other. Just for an example, tell us will you feel happy if someone compares your work with some others, no matter how disgusting it is? Review writing does not mean that you compare it with some other and insult it. if u really think the movie sucks then just write pro’s and con’s of the movie from the same movie instead of going off the movie? If you are proud of watching Hollywood movies then try to gain some good things out of it instead. It’s good to gain useful knowledge no matter from where ‘coz I really think ur constrict mind needs it. Guys like you dominate nepali society and never lets it grow. Have you ever thought Nepal is a poor and small country, even smaller than most of the states of America and America have 50 states? Think about it; and also think about the resources, technologies and funds they have. These are just few examples; I can go on and on.
    Anyway, all I wanted to say in short is Nepal is your identity. Don’t let it fall down just because you want the better quality. Look at yourself; you might not look better than the person in front of you but still you do not wanna be compared, do u? To improve yourself and learning more for urself is always better than comparing. If you start comparing again then that will be the most stupid thing I would ever see.

    P.S. don’t compare your gf/wife with angie/jlo in the future…lol.

  19. I liked few things of anonymous but his words were just contradicting itself. he says that review writing should not be compared thats right but again he says we are poor people we should not expect much is that the fate of nepalis. ? we cant expect high. think high. we cants do that. simply saying that no we are not like them we cants be like them. oo they are superior we cant be like so. so just .. why we still lag behind . yes the world should go with competition. ……………………………….yes in movies u can always have good script that goes clicked . not the technology in any form . personally speaking kagbeni is not a good movie neither the plot,nor the scenes justifies the movie rather it was just making audience dump by showing some good scenes .nothing as such huge expectation of audience like me in that movie. why should we write good abt something. simply just it is nepalese . yes my friend we can go ahead by crticism but it should be fair and encouraging one .that will only give energy to succeed otherwise just saying we lag behind. we jus try to leap forward . yes they can march ahead . we just need to take our steps . that wont do . we should make jumps thats should be get going. time’s running out. my friend.

  20. fine. not so good but not so bad as well. worthy to watch. cinematography and music helps. editing and b/g score is simply a piece of shit.
    watch with less expectation. u will enjoy and ur money will be paid.

  21. kaagbeni is one of the best movies in recent years.
    though a little similar theme of the korean horror movie”WHISPERING CORRIDORS III :Wishing Stairs”
    abt movie
    There is an urban legend about a staircase that says that if you go up twenty-eight steps and find a twenty-ninth, then you can ask for a wish to be granted….But using the wishing stairs have consequences..
    but in kaagbeni a difference with same theme “wish has a consequences”
    anyway i liked the way it was communicated and i like the movie. no question

  22. Sano Sansar Coming Soon on


  23. This movie is a ditto copy of a Korean movie “My sassy girl” so how can we say that this is a good movie.

  24. i was looking for sano sansar budget and box office collection and endup here.i recently watched kagbeni and sano sansar.sano sansar was fairy good but could be alot bettter ending sucks.where as kagbeni sucks big time,poor acting poor direction what from my point of view sano sansar gets 9/10 and kagbeni 3.5/10

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