Sano Sansar “Review”

Wow…I must say but still there are flaws in the movie. Sano cha gau …sano cha sansar…

Its one hour I am back from the movie…guess what !!! Yes you are right I am back here after watching the Movie Sano Sansar. I kept my promise to myself. This is the first time I have kept my promise to myself and I have gone for a movie lets say more than in a half decade. I loved the Hall expereicence too. Urhm…Jai Nepal Hall. I am sorry for myself that I could not get the Balcony tickets. By the way I still do not know the difference between Balcony and the Rear Stall where I got the tickets.

I was planning to go to watch the movie alone. Yes!! because I was desperate to watch after so many critcs I got for the movie in my blog. But actually that was not the review. Few words for Sano Sansar has made my blog popular.

The movie was awesome. Somehow the story I thought was about me. me and my internet passion, my unknown chat friends and my Online personality, though I am true in chat always but I am not that kind of person in reality. A reserved I think. The story of “Lost Angel” and the “Hot Guy” reminded me of my own story and moreover JAVA coffee House….it was the story retold.

The movie has some flaws definitely because it is just first try of Alok Nembang, but everything is fine with the movie. I was wondering that the people I am seeing in the big screen of Jai Nepal Hall were speaking Nepali language and there was Nepali songs so wonderful, the place Kathmandu and the Nepali people. The movie lacks good script though because Ifound the whole movie about Ravi and Rhitu only, the dialogue between two…something like that. I was expecting other people too…such as “Siza” another character in movie, getting his love, “Suraj” getting faliure in love,,,Nir Shah not dead or could see his daughter marrying Ravi, his idol guy.

The movie is a nice entertainment, I , I guess who I, Sweta could sit in a place for two and half hours or more and watch the movie without loosing patience.( I watched Dark Knight for some 30 mins…Hancock for some 15 mins…I dont even remember which was the last movie I saw..I think OM Shanti Om…back in April on the election day that also half ). By the way the comedy scenes were too nice but I found Nembang being a little bit or being liberal and this is other faliure in the movie. Though the movie made us laugh so many times, those I found unnecessary.

The movie didn’t suck. It was not as expected because of lack of script. But I found the hard work there in the movie. Real real hard work, dress ups were cool…too cool…Namrata Shrestha was looking gorgeous…what to tell about Mahesh Shakya..aka Karma…I am in love with him ….hahaha LOL…especially his hair…Our Kathmandu shown beautifully, I found it interesting.

It is the movie for the young because it is about “us” like people, me like internet freak or chat a blogging freak.

Though not as expected, having little flaws, the second try..lets say after Kagbeni…is real good. Everything is good in the movie. I wish I could watch the movie once more, in the name of encouraging directors like Mr. Nembang. Actresses like Namrata Shrestha.., Mahesh Shakya…Jivan Luitel has also done a wonderful job. His character suited him a lot.

The other thing is lack of story element , lack of characters and lack of action in the movie. Because there is no perfect plot where the movie can stand. But Music is mind blowing every songf is good to hear.

Overall the movie is well made,and a nice entertainment buzz..Hats off to the cast and crew…Sweta loved the movie.

24 Responses

  1. Hi, there genious, oo if ur saying good ,then it must be great. what to do . yaha ta jainepal chaina . anyways herau lani in some time.bye . by the way u were also compelled to watch the movie after so many comment on ur previous blogs? . ha ha .lekhe pachi ta hernai paryo ni .

  2. Hey

    I yearn to watch this movie but I can’t see it here. Damn… M waiting for the dvd to be published soon.

  3. You are either lying or you’ve got really bad tastes in movies.
    And no, I didn’t have to watch the movie to deduce that.

  4. Hi Sweta! and all the readers yes it is true that Sano Sansar Review on has also worked and amazing viewerships but If you really wanna no that Myths about Self Emloyement Then Read it on my Site and another mindblowing film Welcome to Sajjanpur Review..Dashain Dish The NEwari Pakku…ahhhh From We On behalf of wanna wish U as well as all the Readers HAPPY DASHAIN-2065 and deep attentions to all those who lost life and all in the National Calamity first in Koshi and Now in Kailaly Floods if possible donate as you can at your best.

  5. hi Me Mangal From Australia…….hmmm ,,,,my frens are in ktm n they told me in email that they were going to watch this cool nepali movie called “sano sansaar” when i heard the name i thought it must be a movie for kids like the bollywood movie “taare zameen par” but then i saw the teasers in youtube which was pretty cool… wud love to watch this movie but here in melbourne no jainepal or kumari hehe so waiting for someone to post the movie in youtube hehe… if its allowed…and sweta it was interesting to know few things abt u .. i used to be a person who wud go to chat rooms and make random frens… some of them are my real life good frenz now..but i don’t do that anymore …….too busy with real life …good to know u…hope to be ur fren n hear frm u coz u sound like my kind of gurl… thanks a lot …….

  6. I really loved the movie. The best nepali movie i’ve ever watched. I didn’t at least get a headache after watching this. I always used get a headache after a nepali movie. In other nep movies, when a song started a huge crowd of people came to dance with the actors and surprisingly the actors know the lyrics perfectly! This doesn’t happen in this movie. The movie seemed “practical”. I mean it doesn’t have a unbelievable type of story. Everything in the movie is acceptable. I mean the hero cannot throw off 10 people with a punch or a person doesn’t go killing people for a small reason. These unbelievable things doesn’t happen in this movie. This movie also sets a good impression on a foreigner watching a nep mov for the first time.
    Overall the movie was incredible and I’d suggest everyone to watch this movie.

  7. i m sorry if my comment made any negative sense…..didn’t mean to…….. i was just searching the net abt sano sansaar movie and ended up visiting ur blog…i didn’t know that my comment wud hurt ur feelings.. sorry abt that sweta …..Apologies…..for everything…. bye

  8. ohhh i missed that movie………may be one day i can watch that in you tube and i will post comment once again

  9. I like your review very much. Great…….yr writing style is fabulous. You have fluency in writing. Keep it up……please check
    for another review of sano sansar

  10. yesterday i saw the movie .after watching it the only thing that came in my mind till i slept was why i did not liked it . i tried to love it but failed. i had a lot of expectations due to different reasons . 1 > it was ALOK nembang film,2 >its promos ,3 >A quest entertainment movie.4 >and so on.

  11. the begining of the movie is promising.till the entry of nir shah after his entry the film just walks like a drunkard man .i mean it looses its all happened due to weak characterisation.the characters are purpose less and hence have no life on them.the genere of the film requires alot of emotions in it.but sadly it comes only one time on the film i.e. when ritu calls her fater and cries but eventually it also become purposeless.after the interval the film starts confusing.who the boy loves the cyber girl or that
    lady ,same with the lady.
    lekhera sdhya chaina naramro kura haru
    god things about the film are cinematography ,perfomances ,nice comedies bg music.
    it could be a good film but it became a good example of bad script and vision.

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  13. I guess i am now convinced that the sano sansar is a great movie to watch. I will now watch the movie.

    Any way happy dashain to evyone

  14. Yeah…
    The movie is good but there are still flaws we should ignore it and the movie provides you nice entertainment…

  15. i dont know how people commentd abt sano sansar, but if u dont compare it with bolly/ hollywood,, then its a gud movie in nepales scenario.
    i like da presentation n da freshness in it. mahesh n namrata r gud, jevan is gud bt vinay??
    i had lots of xpectation 4m him n my choice was him. but he disappointed me wid his poor actin n xpressions. i hope he ll improve in da future..
    editin of da movie is another drawback. n i think scriptwriter himself is confused writin this confused story of ravi..
    despite of all these, its a new taste 4 nepalese audiences n so its workin.
    thanx 2 alok nemwang n quest 4 tryin sth new..

  16. Quote from someone above:

    I like your review very much. Great…….yr writing style is fabulous. You have fluency in writing. Keep it up……please check
    for another review of sano sansar

    Damn, how people can be such suck up.

    Best LOL moment of random blog visit today.

  17. some times, @ some moment, I Often remind this movie…and those nice songs…

  18. cinematography is best in this movie..i think bidur pandey did this.. anyway he has done great job… acting is good…selection of characters is perfect…. but the role of nir shah is not that commendable… alok nembang could not make best of nir shah in the movie or say the story writer….. story part is weak…. alok nembang has done nice direction ……. the story part has made this movie quite chatpate!! Here, Bhusan Dahal proves senior and experienced…

  19. Nice review.. also don’t miss Mero Euta Sathi Cha Review

    Review byHapiBlog

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  21. hello,

    i must agree that the movie was worth a watch. it is seldom that you get a movie of this caliber in nepali cinema. technically, it is a giant leap compared to all other films, except perhaps for “kagbeni”. and it is well worth to watch the movie just for that!!! i will say that all subsequent nepali movies must me shot digitally!!!

    as for the story, i was very impressed by its humbleness and relevancy. the story is quite modern and can happen to anyone who has access to internet. i wonder how many nepali films have even showed people using the internet!! the main characters portrayed by debutantes, namarata shrestha and mahesh shakya, deserves two thumbs up!! imagine what it would be like if rajesh hamal and niruta singh were cast as main characters!! also the songs are far from the cacaphony of sambhujit baskota. these songs are actually enjoyable and doesn’t strain the ears. its a relief that there are no fight scenes in this film, i don’t think we really want to something like nikhil uprety doing a flying kick 😛

    but on the down side i think the script could have been tightened. the first 10 minutes of the film seemed like a rip off of “my sassy girl.” nir shah’s talent is wasted over humorous punchlines. its a wonder why the viewers don’t even get a hint that he is dying. and if he was, he never showed any signs of it. also the starting of the movie is quite confusing. we are not told what ritu was doing in the bus getting drunk. and i thought ravi was dumb. most of the time, in the first half, all he does is shake his head and grunt and groan. i also the side characters like siza and suraj could have been developed. despite all this failures, the climax was quite interesting and by the time you get out of the hall you will have a smile on your face 🙂

  22. hey even i have watched the movie and i think it is a swt movie with all the imagination and creation that and audience knocks around their mind that after this that will happen

  23. hi there!!!

    i really liked your review,
    i think you covered whole elements of this movie, like you said that the script is weak
    i too feel the same way the lack of good plot emphasises the dullness of this movie
    but anyways keep up the good work..
    anywayz can u plz also doo review on mero euta sathi cha? because i haven’t watched that movie yet. i tried to find it on internet but was unable.

    so i would be really grateful if u did a review on “mero euta sathi cha”

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