On your 9th Year ~Coffee House

Happy Birthday Coffee House! ( Cartoon character Moomin in the cake) Pic: Google

Dear Coffee House,

This has been a quite journey! I can’t believe it has been 9 years that I have with you. As you and I both grow together~we have faced so many things, from pride and sense of achievement to emotional breakdown! This year, I am using Moomin Themed Birthday post. I love this cartoon by Tove Jansson  because they are deeply philosophical and teach us about life and how to be happy in the simple and small things. 

Having said that, each year I complain I can’t write, I am not being able to write or I just don’t have time to write! But you have existed in all these emotional tantrums of mine because you know how much passionate I am about writing, reading! 

I have devalue myself~ I say to people I don’t have any hobby, I can’t perform any DIY, sing, dance, paint, crochet, and so on~but I never tell that I can write! I never tell them and to myself that poetry flows in me, never tell anyone that I am creating a fiction in my head with the striking conversation that I am having with them! And, never acknowledge myself as a writer because I seek validity from outside and what I have never done is validate myself as a writer, as a poet! 

I do care when people visit my blog (: – I think this is a really cute representation of what I feel! Pic: Google

This year~ I am changing! I will acknowledge that I love writing! I love poems, fictions, monologues since I was a kid! And, I was attracted to nothing else because I would always think about writing poems or busy writing in my personal diary! That’s who I am! That’s my getaway! If that’s nerdy that’s nerdy! If writing about female issues and advocating it through fiction makes me capital feminist- I am indeed a feminist! But if writing doesn’t makes me a writer~ what will?  

On the 9th anniversary of this blog, as I continue excavate freedom, I would like to acknowledge myself as a writer and give me this crown that I deserve! 

Happy 9 years of excavating freedom Coffee House!



Fairfax, Virginia, USA!

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