Mr. Mischief

Eternally bounded in love

Eternally bounded in love — Pic by me somewhere around Patan Durbar Square

The calm eyes

And the warm vibes.

The sheer silence

And the tightened lips…


The sharing of glitzy smile

I saw your teeth for the first time..

And the smile …

It was mischievous then..

Still mischievous when I think of it now

Another round of silence..


The first tête-à-tête

And the words of your witty-ness

Enough to cast a spell of your mischief

Bewitched I feel when you speak and when you don’t as well


Magic of silent naughtiness


The surrounding without the candles

The mischievous spell

I welcome.

Gradually, I keep losing myself under the spell of your spell

Without your touch

I feel you in the veins leaving me with the eternal goosebumps.

Here it creates a poet out of me:

“Twinkling were your
Elegant Eyes..
When you dragged me
Your luscious lips
Vibration ran through
My nasty nerves
Can I believe
It was just dream”

Mr. Mischief — the result of all your mischievousness



2 Responses

  1. ramro cha

  2. Thank you Prabesh

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