Powerful Silences

Silence  communicates  May be more than the words~~ You heard me ~ didn't you?

may be more than the words~~ You heard me ~ didn’t you? Pic by: Niraj / Mumbai, India


One day I asked you~Why don’t you call me, text me? You answer~ is that necessary? Then we both laughed~ All we do is remain silent~ just deeply silent that surpasses the voice that needs to heard~because~ I probably don’t know the reason but may be sometimes silences are all that we hear! Especially you and me!

You tell me many times ~ it is through silences~ we talk more~more and more.

It was far away~ the point they met each other in the same color that one could not differentiate them from each other – they were dissolved in each other~ so open! There was the point where sea met the sky. When sky sees finds itself in the sea~ how will it feel? And when all those droplets travel in the form of vapor all the way to reach the sky~how will you feel oh! dear sky? To hold all those droplets and impregnate the clouds and then burst out again to fall in the sea~ how will it feel dear sea ~ to get back yourself that has travelled through the sky?

And how it feels sky and sea ~ when you meet in the far way horizon ~ where no one could even imagine reaching?

We are so tiny~ but in our hearts are like the sky and the sea~ they don’t meet and they are always and all the time in a meeting ~they are always silent and they are in an eternal never-ending conversation each moment ~ and they meet in the horizon / Kshtiz that no one could even think of! And,  our hearts transfer the vapor to each other through an invisible way.

Only you and I could feel this invisible travel in the most visible way ~ how do you feel meeting me in the far far away horizon?

Back to non-abstract thoughts~ I was there on the sea shore, standing alone and looking at the far far point – that point where sea and sky had to meet even through my illusion, but I made them meet! I felt like we lack sea~ but my tiny little heart is spread as much as the sea and is as deep as the ocean! Reaching to a point where I lost myself completely~in the deep silence of the sea and the sky~ and the way they were communicating with each other through a powerful silence.

The other side of horizon~ may be you were just getting all those waves of silence that with my power I was sending through a powerful silence. 



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