Thinking to write

Actually I wanted to write a poem, then I thought I need to write something else, I have already posted a poem then I thought to write something else. Yes blogging has become a passion my friend thanks for teaching such an wonderful thing…I am really enjoying it. I told this ADSL sucks….really…It was so hard to open a page and perhaps it is working or not working..thank god this page has opened. Guess what I am not feeling sleepy…it is 10:05 PM…its some forty five minutes I am back from office..and I must have been tired but I am busy typing these words here. ( Also I am listening to song a hindhi song..Pal Pal..dil ke pass….Mei saas leta huu..teri khusboo aati hai..)

After many days I am listening to the song and when I listen song then I want to write…but I never write what I am feeling when I am listening to the song…So, should I write about my feelings here …what I am feeling hearing this song Pal Pal..dil ke …Passs….no I am not writing the feeling..( Shhhh secret….). Listening song is letting your tiredness gone…I want to remove this tiredness that is why I am busy typing words here and listening to these songs….( I need to leave these hindhi songs I think…they are making me contemplate…)

“It must have been love” I like to hear this song time and again because I love the song simply…

So, I was thinking to post a blog here…hey I think wordpress is not working too …( Damn..this ADSL…it sucks….). I think I need to copy all those above words if I want to save my typed words..hey it is working now…I am also chatting to a friend….It is 10:15 now…I am not feeling sleepy..No college tomorrow so no need to wake up at 5:00….( I hate to go to college…)

I am enjoying my work at Radio Nepal a lot because I love the work environment there and it is so fun working with the real senior people..Komal Oli fo example..we call her Komal Didi and she is a real good woman..she speaks so sweetly…so lovely …and other all are too good people…I am just desperate to go on air..but I am fearing the studio so much…my voice…one can easily figure out that I am too nervous…I need to improve a lot. I need to go on air…I need to read news…

So, I think I am too tired now and I am feeling too sleepy too..this song in my ears ( Eddie Vedder with Nusrat Fateh Ali khan..The long road) is making me feeling sleepy too. Oh…Streets of love….I love this song so much…I am not sleeping that means…..the song potrays me…my feelings…and the word street hits my heart….kaso  ??

I was thinking to write and I don’t know what I wrote..I didn’t had any topic to write..but this passion of me and it makes me to write the more I think..the more I want to write. By the way..When my college is going to run our classes..


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