In the name of Protest

Just fired at Nepal Telecom today I am because they had cut our ADSL, so I was not able to use net today either how I hard I had tried. I could have gone to my day office but I couldnot because there were fires on the road. There were burning tyres…I wonder how could that be. We need to head toward our destinations…We need to work. In the name of prostest we suffer, who do not even know why they are protesting afterall ? Is not there need of the systematic way of protest. I remember Gandhi Ji…I don’t know why ??

I was not scared for the first time. I didn’t feared to drive on the road where the fire was burning. It was at Teku, as I was heading towards office. I wanted to go to office , Suprised?? Yes there are some reasons. So, I dared because I am a media worker today. So, I was not fearing the riots in the street. There were so many two wheelers. Lastly I gave up. I wanted to the other way , that will take me to Thapathali directly , I met a friend there, not a friend actually but I know the person, he suggested me to go home because the road was too disturbed. So, I changed my mind not to go to office today.

Roads!!!!! is that only the place to protest, the condition of the road was too pathetic. There were people like me who need to go to work or other things and there were people on the road who want us to stop. I hate this violence. They are throwing stones, beating eachother, burning tyres and protesting. I don’t know why people do this they destroy so many things. The road today was looking like a maze because I found myself driving like it were a maze. There were so many burning tyres through which I needed to pass and moreover the road seperators ( I don’t know what that is called either in english or in Nepali, I am saying the blocks that seperate the two side roads ). Those were all fallen some were even broken. That was making it a maze.

Yesterday I too made the news for the same protest. I know I need to go to my evening office now after an hour. I need to go there I hope the road condition is not as before. I will be going through the other road. I need to work, I need to write news about the protest.

I am furiuos today at those protestors , Why there is no other option than road ??Why they stop us ??Why we can’t go to work and sit at home being idle. I didn’t had anything to do today but watch TV. Thanks to inverter at home. There was no electricity but I was able to watch TV. I hadn’t watched it for months….and after line came…this ADSL didn’t work…but thank god it is working now…because Dad just paid money there. hahah LOL

P.S. All days are not same…Perhaps we can do something for making our day. I srtongly recommend the protestors to find other place than road to protest. Don’t halt our daily routine. Don’t halt our lives…Please don’t its a humble request.

Updated-: I am back to home after my Radio Nepal Job , and I am still fired at those protestores. They have made the road a hell…stones all over the road, the faint smell of burnt tyres and also the rainfall had made it too pathetic to believe. I am the eyewitness believe me I have travelled the road which looked red due to stones. The condition was even more pathetic when I reached near Bishnumati bridge. Those people have thrown the garbages all over the road. I needed to travel passing the garbages and damn!1 it was smelling so bad. Why the hell they did so ? Why there was the need to throw the garbage over there on the road …do they not have to walk on the same road.

At my office too one dai as we were watching the riots in Kantipur Television he gave his views, this all happened due to unemployment. Yes, he is true either. But do not people have common sense that other are also there and they are not the only one.

I don’t know whether the protest is finished or not. But I am sure I will be fired if I wont go to office tomorrow.


2 Responses

  1. Atleast you didn’t have to walk for 2.5 hours with all your luggages from 11 in the morning(yeah scorching sun) in some wierd place along Prithvi highway because the road was blocked by some group of idiotic red-neck villagers for their idiotic red-neck demands and wait for another 5 hours for your bus to arrive in the opposite direction to evade the block. Damn, that was a long sentence.

  2. I am really sad for you Ken21…Yeah your experience must have been worst than mine. I am one of those who hates waiting and FIVE hours…..god…I would have been dead…but again I am also one of those who can transfer the worst feelings to best one….but really I hate waiting…I hope that you were not only the one to walk and wait. That must be another life time experience. Walking is another thing I hate…but would not mind walking becausesometimes its real fun walking alone…I have done it so many times and all those experiences are because of the protest fren….and I hate these kind of protest….Red-Neck villagers lai samjhaunu parthiyo ni ta sathi….

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