Watching a Painter, a moment for life

Yesterday was a good day indeed. I have always cherised art. Art is something I love and I want to be an art critc too. I love paintings and I love them a lot. I had never seen anyone painting but yesterday. Yes at Gurukul only…and I dared talking to that gentleman. I took his painting’s picture and took his picture too. Thanks to Bishesh for N82.

Art also preserves the same place in my life as writing and reading. Painting is is not just the drawing but pouring ones feelings in paper with the collage of mind, herart and life. Inside painting there is something that is beyond our life. We can’t imagine the happiness in art because in art the happiness is eternal and boundless. Art is eternal and life is temporal. An example in real life the trees dies and people die, happiness is temporal but something that is captured in art remains forever. Trees are always evergreen , childhood is forever in art, youth is forever, life is immortal. So, art is great really for me. ( These are the word that I had scrribled in the pages of my diary around 2061 B.S).

Yesterday, I first time saw somebody painting and the view was absolutely stunning. The colours he was using on the canvas and painting. I gazed it like I have seen something unnatural. I am sorry for the painter because I gazed him a lot. His every moves are fresh in my mind and I shall make this experience private forever. His moves, his brush, his colour, his moves, his brush, his colour and his complete painting. The painting was so good the combination of colour, emotion and feelings. It was abstract painting. The emotions were so enlightening me and I was moving with the brushes of the painter.

I was talking with a stranger for the first time, asking with him that Could I take the picture of the painting ? And also asking was that canvas ( I have never seen canvas). I did a little chit chat. It was so good too.

Artist is definately the creator of the beautiful things. The painting was very much beautiful. I fell in love with the painting. I should thank my friend for the moment. This would certainly be an experience for a life time. I shall cherish this forever.

P.S. I just loved the painting….Is it my another new passion???


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