A lazy life!!

Perhaps I am the laziest person in the world. But more than me it is my brother Bishesh that he tops me in laziness.

Everytime it is same and finally this time is also his exams are finished. This time it is Entrance of Engineering. I hope that he will get admitted in that Pulchowk campus and I want to see him driving his Unicorn…not a scooty pep indeed. Tara naam ta nikalnu paryo ni ?? ( But he needs to get his name out). I want to see him fulfilling his dreams and his desires. It was the day when dad told that he will be buying him a Bike if his name would be out in Pulchowk entrance. Then it was the day his study began. Each day this boy waited for the exam day. This lazy bone slept at 8 and hardly woked up at 4.

At first dad shouts Bishesh…Bishesh…Then…Mom’s turn…Bishesh…babu….babu…Chiya khana utha ( Get up for drinking tea). Till then I get too disturbed and then my shouting comes hyaaa…malai kina uthayeko ( Why you wake me up?) . Ye Bishesh uth vanya ( Oh! Bishesh get up ). Then he puts his light on. Then dozes ……and this lazy boy….then listens to music …in the morning.

He always promises so many things that he will fulfill after finishing his exams and till then he is the king. In his lazziness only he finishes his exam and then he forgets his promises. Then his lazy life again resumes. He never cleans his stinking dirty room not less than sungur ko khor ( Pig’s shed). But this time Iam amazed and surprised that he cleaned this time. It was real amazing and more amazing was the fact that this boy was not seen whole day. Then around 7 he came back saying he had went for swimming…He had swam whole day??? Is this he enjoying freedom.

Freedom has a different defination for him. He is strong in his desires and not chicken hearted like me. So, I admire this part of Bishesh a lot. His freaking style of indifference and enjoyment he seeks and finds out. Perhaps he might be going to sports classes…..

So, I was talking about laziness. I am feeling real lazy to go to college. Also I am feeling lazy to go to office. Then what would I do to satisfy my heart and be away from this laziness. Perhaps sleeping is my favourite. But as my habit I could not sleep more than 6 in the morning and at day time I would really love to sleep but I don’t because deuso sutyo bhane motaiincha re ( you will increase weight). But I remember a day when I had slept for the whole day since 11 Am in the morning till 630 PM. I don’t know what had happened to me that day and again I ate night meal and slept at 8:00. This was real long sleeping in my life which I had never done since.

So, I have done something in my laziness. I wrote something. I am happy for that. ( This hand is paining a lot still)

P.S. I am hopeful towards Bishesh’s result.


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