Saltless !!!

Salt less food….hard to taste…sometimes life becomes as sweet as Rasbhari….and at the mean time…it turns out to be Saltless food…by the way…Rasbhari is completely saltless….we don’t taste….salt in it….

Complications….desires….and everything …

What if people stop to desire…? It’s what leads to discovery….Desire led man to moon…( I really don’t know if the word desire suits here ?)

Desire led to discovery…the saltless food….

Desire led to face the moonless’s night…..

But Stars do shine…even at the moonless night…..What if life were a video game…. Continue reading



Hardly breathing I am really suffocating

Hard to survive and really I am breaking down

No hopes for survival, No hopes and nothing left…

Oh! my lord save me…give me right to survive

My survival I am asking and I am asking my human right

I want to live and I want to breathe the fresh air

I want my survival and I am asking it to you

Let me live and let me survive….let me breathe

Let me feel the air , let me be happy again

Do not let me die in this dismay with intense suffering

Give me wounds that are visible and pain that is curable

This invisible pain is killing me my lord !!!

Let me survive, let me live

Let me survive, let me live

Let me survive and please please let me live


P.S.  I  wrote it just now it is 7:30 AM in the morning, Mom is here, Bishesh my brother is here and this absurd poem I am writing I don’t know why and I am listening to a hindhi song Tumse hi…don’t know why I am asking for my survival……