Its you everytime…

I try to avoid you…get away from you but I you are so attached that you cannot be left away so easily…Things remind me of you….so much….I got an old newspaper…with something rolled in it…and guess what there was your name….Phew !!…I cannot tolerate…

You are like a boil…..painful…..Very much indeed…which needs  a lot of hardship to throw…all the white blood cells in my body could not fight with the bacteria…What about antibiotic tablets..but those tablets failed , as I failed….I could not drain you…because it was too painful…nor could I do avoid the pain….

How long I could stand like this…Its damn painful…God…I needed treatment… Continue reading


24 hours

Hurry Hurry…its six…

Something needs to be fix..

Watch rings..but I throw it out..

They yell..out..yell out hard..

Suddenly, I realize..I need to

Reach there always always late..

I always say its my fate…

We are grown ups..not even asked why late?? ..

Then yawn all time..its lack of sleep I know and he says..too

I am helpless..with this messy hair, unironed clothes..

I laugh at this…

Then reach there again late..

Again all the blames to fate..

Work Work and Yawn Yawn…

Scolded because it always become mistake..

She is the one..who am I ???

Its fun as well all the day to talk and talk

Then suddenly a look over the watch gives a hint

Time up here..need to reach there on time..

I pretend there that I am all fine..

No I am never tired..because I needed to go on air..

But the problem is I always fear..

The again back to the place I belong..

Chilly nights..dark ways..

Lights sometimes and blackout somedays..

Fear I fear..when they stop and check license..

Run again fast very fast..

Sometimes tyres burning in the night..

What the hell…why they fight…

Then reach here…being so tired..

She is always fired..asks isn’t it too late??..

Then again I say its all fate..

Then needed to do the assignments

Tomorrow’s presentation..

What do I do now..check out few lines..

Again I throw it out…

I say to myself its absurd to read at this hour..

There is always “tomorrow” ( Jay Bholi )

Then the routine goes the cycle..

Again blames to fate..why only 24 hours…

Its not enough…

P.S. Isn’t it absurd..Isn’t it funny..what do I get after all…I need to die one day…

A green Rose!!!!

I have never seen a green rose…roses are red ni hoina….( I have known that a black rose exists and a blue rose has been artificially produced somewhere in China or Japan ).

I wish I had known that there exists a green rose before….it would have given me hope that there are good people indeed.. ( Holmes there is god and he is great…so that he created such a beautiful thing A green Rose ). I think I will laughed out loud if I will ever get chance of seeing a  red rose because I am like this only…and I don’t know why I am like this.

A lot happens over a cup of coffee!!!!! indeed….

I wish to get the Green Rose not the leaves…but the leaves are beautiful indeed….( I collect the amazing leaves…but rarely do I keep them ). I have kept some of them….But these tiny green leaves of the amazing green rose I shall keep it for ever.

Guess what is in my bag….Beyond the illusions…by Sheeba Shivangini Shah….and who else than Milton to provide me with every book I want to read..he has been too generous…I am desperate to end the book(Not started yet ) …because I have been longing to read the book since I knew about its publication. ( Moreover because of Tantra Mantra in the book….which I really wonder….I wish I could learn these things…to spell a magic over someone…”secret hai”….)

A lot happens over a cup of Coffee….

I was searching for this “Green Rose” which I have never seen..I knew the roses are throny I never felt like picking one infact they look beautiful in the plant….( I never pick flowers and I hate who does that because flower’s right place is on the plant on which they grow..) Once I had been spellbound by the red rose..prettiest in the garden..and attracted by its beauty….I could not control myself…I went to pick it up….and guess what…My hands were bleeding..yes because of thrones…I could not pluck the rose and make it mine….to keep it forever…with me…But..I hadn’t realized that roses also had thrones..and the thrones attacked me and my hands were bleeding….it was so painful ..I thought that would kill me….So, roses reminded me of the pain I had felt that day….So, I have decided not to be spellbound for a second time….( Let me say just the red rose..I want to see a Green Rose…)

Green Rose….was indeed beautiful…I found it today..but Damn…only the leaves..I assume from the leaves that these roses are not throny…( right Holmes ). So, how does a green rose look like when it is on the plant…I am really longing to see this….

A lot happens over a cup of coffee…

It was indeed nice meeting…a cup of coffee…..I shall cherish it…A wonderful feeling I am feeling…but what…yeah..its not always…the samething…but sometimes..accidently…God gives a reason to smile…a reason to live a life…Life’s beautiful indeed….equally beautiful is the moment…to be cherish forever…..and yes the beautiful cup of coffee…..It was cold…..but not a cold coffee…

I seriously felt nothing special…No, my heart was not feeling palpitation.. it wasn’t trembling either..and my cheeks weren’t red….( Were they???), I didn’t had a fear…But I was happy that I had dared it for the second time…Perhaps because of fear only I was running away…I needed to dare…because I want to move on…The same place ..same cold be dranked with a pipe..( Yeah this time I finished…it…but I think I can’t digest it either…because I am prone to cold…)..

I am really sorry because I kept on telling abt me..but never asked…( I have been like this only either I keep quite and would not speak a word..ot else I can keep on talking….)

P.S. A green rose…a cup of coffee….something elusive…..Can someone tell me how to parcel..liquid….LOL

Engimatic Relationships

“Free as a bird” Yes I am hearing this song and moreover I don’t understand the lyrics more than this…No I am lieing..Yes the song is really nice thi hear..after all it is of Beatles..Nelly Furatado’s I have heard but I don’t remember…

So, right now I am imagining that how much good it would have been if humans were free as bird…and I remember these lines I had read in my school days of Jean Jacques Rousseau…”When man is born, he is in chains” and this is true man is never ever free…and hearing this song is a true pleasure…and it is an escape from the world for few minutes..and now I want to feel how the bird feels while flying there in the clean blue sky…I am thinking of Skydiving..or Paragliding …or even Bungee Jumping…( Let me pack these hidden desires..inside my heart ) ….I know I can never do these things…But I am really jealous with those guest who did Bungee Jumping at The Last Resort…I had thought that those freaks would never dare..but they did Bungee and I am really jealous with them..because it was me who arranged their tour itinerary and yes there was bungee jumping..but I had never ever imagined that they would do that…

I think I am away from the topic it is different thing I want to write..the thins that I read an hour ago in the book The Alchemist about the feeling of love about the universality of love..and it was awesome such a wonderful lines the book have…

Really love is precious..a feeling..a sincere devotion and something totally enigmatic…completely enigmatic..The relationship I am talking about is about the Love and it is love that runs the world..I am happy to read those lines in the book which gives me glimpses of Love..the universality of love. The love the boy felt seeing the eyes of Fatima and I was left with a big smile. Afterall Love is really precious…A feeling and a sacred feeling of heart..The Palpitating Heart, The trembling lips..The rosy cheeks…The feelings..

I am hearing this old song Gulabi Jado Le …choyo ki timi lai..another favourite of mine…The song is also about love..

But I am not here to write about Love…I was about to write about the enigmatic relationship..Some realtionships are totally the one between Whitey and Milton…Like it was with …..( SHhhhh)

“It must have been Love but its over now” ( This is probably the situational song…don’t you think it is poo and yes you too Holmes ).

The realtionships are the books says God create twin souls… I hope to find my twin …one..hahah LOL…

Hope is still alive

Angel by Jimi Hendrix…nice song indeed..Angel came down to the heaven.. something like this..nice to hear..and probably creating some emotions in me…

BTW what I wrote…all the above things..I didn’t had any plans to write..but I am planning to come up with a nice writing on love…but I don’t know when..It must rain..for sure..otherwise I would not have any feelings haha LOL and these songs I am hearing and what more..

Actually I want to tell about some relationship that are totally enigmatic in nature..but I am hopeful that I am going to find out my twin soul LOL