A Crazy Young Lady

Beauty I would die for.. (taken from my terrace)

Beauty I would die for.. (taken from my terrace

Do you feel this wind ?

Yes, like the way I do.

Can you find this pleasure of-

                                    The insane wind through your body, when it moves?

Nose feels like an ice cube and eye-lids are colder too..

But then don’t you enjoy this coldness too?

Can you be the clouds, like I do?

Running wild, moving random, transforming self

Moment by moment, minute by minute, second by second

Don’t you want to hold tiny drops of rain, like clouds do?

To reflect the rays of Sun into a colorful Rainbow..

Or sometimes just to wet the soil ground

Or just to mingle to flow with the river town by town

Don’t you want to decorate sky by being Stars or special Venus sometimes?

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