Second Set of Imaginations!


The year 2008: We were three- sitting on a bench at the college playground and we imagined of a spacecraft, we were astronauts suddenly and we started our spaceship and made some sound and we felt like traveling to another world. We ended in a laughter.

The year 2001: It was the Millennium! We thought we were the luckiest one to see the world living for past 10,000 years! We had a party of pakaudas and a small campfire! I remember I was a mere passive participant in the fete! I imagined why I was not part of the organizing team! How would I have also danced like them in the dress they were wearing?

Small tiny imaginations do make our moments valuable! One imagination was imagined together and that gave us smile and the other made me question about myself! Why I had to limit myself as a small naive child, who could not speak, who could not get good marks in the examination? Who didn’t even smile during the program of Gai Jatra festival with parents – where all the Hall was roaring with Laughter – This year must be 90’s when I was little. I was lost, lost – lost child – very very introvert.

Years after when I met you, I slowly try to come out of my introvert nature. I feel like I can share – I can speak and I will be heard. And, you heard, kept on hearing me! Till I started to speak, speak more! Smile more! Feel like loved! Loved? Really? I pinch myself! I feel like Yes – Oh yeah!

Second Set of Imaginations

We ensconce ourselves, in the heart of each other just like in the small chairs that we have marked ours indirectly because we never sit on any other chairs in the little cafe! This little cafe where we unlock our hearts and start narrating stories of pain, pleasure, happiness, sadness, anger, anxiety and love. No one would ever know may be the exact moment they fall in love just like the moment night and day meet to be apart daily, for that one moment of time! May be in that one moment I fell for you! Continue reading

The Treasure

Of course you are a Treasure! Do you think you are less? I don’t think so! Why? But Why, I don’t think so? After all what is that in you that makes me feel you are not less than a Treasure? You trouble me a lot! I feel like you have an attitude! Oh Yeah! You have so much of attitude problem na! More than I have! But does this makes you less than a Treasure! No, it still doesn’t. You would ask yourself why? May be you will not know the answer to it, right? Sometimes you don’t know your own name or your identity is so fluid that it keeps on floating- Right after this sentence, you know what I want to do? I want to rename you-because for me you are that sparkling gem in life and of course a Treasure!

There is no blood relation of ours like Ama or we haven’t spent years and years to know each other but feels like we have talked so much-spent our energies of voice through wave length of sounds, spent our time thinking about each other with the links being sent by telepathic waves, spent time reading about each other so much through our writings, spent time hearing about each other so much in those stories of childhood and youth we share – Does it feels to you that I am revealing all the secrets? Shh.. still not and I won’t. But I know you will let me express- like always – like the way you keep on listening for long while I don’t stop my babble. Ok! Let me babble a while…will you? Stop buzzing over my head, for a while- will you? Continue reading