Let me tell you a story !!! _ II

With the approval of parents the marriage was fixed. It was an affluent marriage ceremony as Binay’s father had aspired. The cars flooded in Samragi’s small house during their wedding, it was an achievement for her parents that she was married to such a high-class rich family. All were happy, Binay was happy to make his dream reality for the achievement of one of his achievement. But for Samragi something was missing and she was still confused to have believed in her faith and Binay so much.

It was too early, too early for both to have taken such a decision. They were too young for each other.

Life moved on, the rituals to be followed, the number of family’s and relatives to be visited were hard for Samragi, definitely there was a class difference, the high class and the middle one. This was still not a problem, Binay managed it all with his love and affection, Samragi his first and last love of his life, his wife and his parents first “buhari” (Daughter-in law).

Binay, intoxicated, spell bounded in love of Samrgai could not see the eyes of Samragi, which had always been vacant, no love, no passion, even the night they had made love. Binay truly loved her never attracted physically, so making love was not an issue either.

It was Samragi, who could not satisfy herself…..with Binay..who loved her so much, so much deeply…ardently…heartily…

The problem began when Samragi totally avoided Binay’s company. No one knew what she was searching for; she had everything a big mansion, money, a wonderful family whom she was related by her ever-loving husband. But her feelings were vacant. She realized that she had never loved Binay..

Love’s problem indeed, Love joined Samragi and Binay and Love created differences between them.

Samragi had fallen in love with another guy while she had not known Binay. She had told Binay that she loved another man. It was not the issue because Binay’s love was so great that she was attracted towards him. This had also happened because she never had expressed her love to him (the man she loved). When Binay came in her life, she found everything that she had wanted, fulfilling her passions for the thing for love. She had loved another man in the form of Binay because Binay was used as a filler of the vacant space in Samragi’s Love Life unknowingly.

There she was mistaken for her unknown passions that dragged her to marry Binay not as Binay but as a man.

Binay discovered that she had lost feelings for him. They fought instantly, even the simplest things. The marriage was ruining because Samragi couldnot handle her feelings that were zero for Binay, and passionate for the man she loved.


There after 3 years of marriage they were still together, she knew Binay could never live without her. She had respect for his feelings but the thing was she could not love him. Life has been ungraceful for Binay, the playful man turned out to be serious, always thinking about Samragi, how to win her heart, how to again resume the closeness they had when they had smsed each other. Always…he was deep…

Relationships are like sands, uncatchable…

Binay let Samragi flow her wings in freedom not as a husband but as a friend but with a condition that socially they are husband and wife, he let her share the love of her towards another guy openly with him. She went to date frequently, Binay kept quite. As usual, he hided his tears and the pang feeling heart, till it became unbearable..

Unbearable was the day when Samragi had a nervous breakdown because the guy she had loved before and after she married Binay was merely using her, was already married having a daughter.

Samragi was still loved by Binay and this became unbearable for her, because of the guilt feeling and she still was running away from him again finding the same man in Binay..and when it became more than the limitation, Binay stopped caring her…he stopped showing the affection and love to her.. He avoided her and yes they were Husband-wife socailly still today.

Binay started drinking and coming home late going out with girls paying for the night and trying to kill the love for Samragi which was never possible till he was alive.

Samragi gradually learned many things of life. She was immature enough to break her wonderful relation with Binay her ardent lover. She learnt how she was mistaken and the feeling of guilt made her even sadder and her eyes were moist always…

She tried to find love in the eyes of Binay, she was ashamed to ask sorry with him..how could she ask for it. She was not even forgivable. Is she??



Binay loved her more than anything else in the world. However hard he tried his heart felt palpitation whenever he was with Samragi…She was his first love without which he was unable live. His life would be incomplete without Samragi..Samragi was the beginning and Samragi was the end, Samragi was everything. Yes for Binay who loved her like anything, his heart’s need, his life’s need, his breathe, his hearts beating and his everything.

Love’s so uncertain in fact realization is also a part of love. It happened here.

Samragi realised Binay’s love..

Binay’s love finally won,his patience, his feelings, his ardent emotions won and Samragi realized that she too loved Binay she needed to give the same amount of love to him. She did that..she loved him finally…

Samragi still waits for Binay till midnight. Binay tries his best possible to come home at the earliest. They sit for dinner together. They talk, they chat, they laugh, and they share the love for each other..They are in love..

Their married life didn’t ruin at all because of love,  the relationship became stronger. They live for each other, they love eachother and now in few months they are having their first child….

P.S. Loves great..


Let me tell you a story!!! – I

“Let me tell you a story to chilllllll… the bones…”  ( It will not chill the bones sure )

Samragi was there waiting for him in the dinner as always, it was midnight. Everything arranged systematically as always. It was normal for them to be together in the midnight only and the dead silence was normal too with the cold . Her moist eyes and his silent eyes met most of times but they were indifferent. Days have become lonley and same were the nights. A dead silence and the feelings so much vacant.

“Samragi I cannot live without you, you are the queen of my heart, my Maharani, please don’t leave me” said Binay.

As confused as always Samragi waited for long to be assured that Binay was in Love with her. She kept on asking herself that “Can I believe this?” The feelings aroused and she chosed the man.

Here she stoods so vacant remnicising the bygone days !!!!

Life’s so much uncertain. Time is so much uncertain and people more uncertain than this. Loves so much uncertain, the feelings are so much uncertain.

Samragi was as playful as always, a thin build girl, 5’7. She was beautiful whether she was slighlty black. She stopped studying after she passed Intermediate from Tri-chandra Campus simply because she didn’t want to study. Her parents were content and thought of her marriage time and again, but she refused almost all times. She wanted to do something other than study. She had a lot of interest in handicrafts and pottery. Not a girly kind of girl. Never been to a Beauty Parlor, she was a natural beauty indeed. She was a different kind of a normal girl. Belonging to a middle class family, she always had thought of changing her whole status with a magic wand.

Binay was different a sophisticated lad, belonging to a rich family and a highly ambitious guy. He was a well-build man, 5’9 , white, attractive and handsome. He was a well-read man, holding a business of Transport Company of his father and having a very good managerial skill and a very good man to be friend of. Ambitious such that he wanted a BMW car, a huge Mansion and a very beautiful wife !!!!

An uncertain encounter…indeed it was.

Samragi got a message on her cell phone from  a postpaid mobile phone which she knew from a year the message read like this-: ” Hey whats up , dad’s planning a new Santro , wanna ride ?”

 It was funny she thought and immediately replied -: “Santro is common, try something new..a wonderful sports bike that would be great to ride”.

The number was of Binay’s. She knew Binay while she had went for a job interview in his Transport company. She hadn’t known that he had saved her number (Perhaps he had done to inform her that she was rejected) but she had done that because she wanted the job. The message he had sent was mistaken. The reply however was done immediately like a reflex action.

Then message became common. With unbelievable frequency of messages, they became close to each other. Samragi wanted to keep that relation as friendship, but Binay had planned something else. He said she his first love and he don’t want to lose her anyways. He never wanted to be her friend and vice versa. He was deeply in love, kind of spell bounded in her love. He frequently told he cannot live without her even a second. He doesn’t wants anybody else, he doesn’t wants her property and all, he just wants her, just her.

How could she reject a man so deeply in love with her. But she was confused really confused. Whether she was right to give a positive response to Binay’s proposal. She was confused totally confused.

In a severe deliemma

( The other part of the story would be posted soon )