To write, again!

The gorgeous leaves at West Lafayette, November 2016.

It was true. Fall was majestic. It made me live color by color. Those gorgeous trees, fallen leaves, the smell of those maple trees filled me with immense sensuality. But, still ~ my fingers couldn’t type and I couldn’t write. 

I would capture trees one after another, their fallen leaves in my phone. I would collect those leaves one by one, color bycolor to keep them safe because I loved them. I would change my wallpapers in laptop, mobile, update my Facebook cover picture~ but still I wouldn’t write. I would refrain from writing.

The fallen Jacaranda leaves, Kathmandu, May 2016

The fallen Jacaranda leaves, Kathmandu, May 2016

 ( *Monologue* I would remember, I would miss ~ The purple Jacaranda blossom in Kathmandu~ both are beautiful ~ but no one wrote about that pretty blue fall with such an emotional intensity except Parijat~But, I desire to read more than that ~I yearn to feel it similar like the way I felt Fall in words). But it was true that Fall was installing a hope for happiness in me. It was true that it gave me joy to hold by. It gave made me feel love again. How? I don’t know! But, I can’t lie~ I was falling in love with the magic of nature for the umpteenth time. 


Whom I was confronting? Unknown. From whom was I running? Unknown. Why I was running away from writing? Known. (*Monologue* But not “owned”{Yes! that word inside the inverted commas} )

I would compare Fall with Jacaranda blossom in Kathmandu. Then I would keep Gatsby and Suyogbir, side by side (both are characters of my favorite American and Nepali novels respectively) . Whom, do I love more? Or, do I …do I love Daisy and Sakambari more? (*Monologue* Ah! I love this juxtaposition of these characters, I just love thinking about them and juxtaposing them). Or, do I love the writing of Fitzgerald and Parijat more in the form of their creation? What do I love most? 

Kathmandu! I would miss more! (*Monologue* And, I would love imagine~ I wanted all those maple trees in Kathmandu and I wanted desperately the Jacaranda tree to be here in Lafayette!). Then, I would tweet less than 140 characters and then back to normalcy. But, even to miss Kathmandu is such a joy! The vibrant lively city, always moving, never stopping, always living even with the greatest scars~ natural, political, social, economical many! What binds you Kathmandu? What inspires you? What holds you back? The answer echoes from my heart ~ Who else than you yourself? No one holds you back ~ but you yourself.

(*Monologue* What do you think??~ You could write after a long silence~ Don’t you think it is a nice way to end the year 2016 with juxtaposition of Maple leaves and Jacaranda Flowers)

The new begining~ 2017 is yours~ like 2016 was!

~Vienna, Virginia/ 12.28.2016

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