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Are you – A Warrior?

Dear Friend,

Power and Strength

And ~ within all of us there is a warrior ~ There is The Bhairav – Photo by Kishor K Sharma ( Thanks a lot )

Like it was never before – have you ever tried to evaluate yourself through your own understanding of your self? By the way – do you totally understand yourself? Is it necessary to understand yourself? Where are your inner demons? How comfortable do you feel while moving with your inner demons? What theory do you use to differentiate in between  the Good and the Bad. After all whom do you call good? And whom will you regard as the Bad.

Have you ever thought about that? About how do you keep on fighting with your little invisible heart -Have you ever imagine how can little heart preserve all those threads that you call “feelings”. And now, you have created a web out of it – entangled and overlapped ~ yes all the feelings. Why don’t it act like the spider web and hold the self?

Hey~ what are your thoughts on Self? Do you realize how far have you traveled? We have always been asked the same question of “Where do you see yourself after five years?” – But let me ask you one question ~ “Where were you before five years?” Have you crawled over the mountains of fear, anxiety and helplessness and reached atop to come back again – to fall again- then to climb again.

I know we have a bad year – a real bad year – The earth shook like never before – the blood that ran through the nerves in fear – and how you ran to save yourself – This event actually tried untying all the knots that the feelings had created but still as you were “resilient” ~ so were the “feelings”. It is hard you know – untying the tied is hard ~ you must have understood all these as you have experienced it bit by bit and piece by piece.

How much do you fight with your inside demons? How many of you yourself are in your head? Do you hear the polyphonic voice of yourself – buzzing in your head? Whom do you shut up and whom do you let speak? Am I posing too many questions?

Ok- Answers:

The battle with self is the greatest battle – you will lose and you will win – with yourself. It is a unique battle that happens in your head and you are responsible for it – but it is your own battle – with your own demons. But you grow with your own demons ~ you let them live and you let them destruct ~ and you let them die ~ you do that ~ yes you do that. The best one is always the one who speaks in your head ~ but you don’t know the probability of the one that it is the best one that will be speaking or that will be heard. And you continue with the fight~ you continue with the fight

Like someone says to the 007 that ~ he is Kite – dancing in the hurricane ~ but you have that kite inside your head – that dances in the hurricane in between the gravity of Head and Heart.

In that way ~ You definitely are a Warrior~ You and I both are the Warriors~ Cheers!!!


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