Second Set of Imaginations!

Some Sets of Imaginations! Some Fragrances of Love Some Moments of You and I

Some Sets of Imaginations!
Some Fragrances of Love
Some Moments of You and I Pic:


The year 2008: We were three- sitting on a bench at the college playground and we imagined of a spacecraft, we were astronauts suddenly and we started our spaceship and made some sound and we felt like traveling to another world. We ended in a laughter.

The year 2001: It was the Millennium! We thought we were the luckiest one to see the world living for past 10,000 years! We had a party of pakaudas and a small campfire! I remember I was a mere passive participant in the fete! I imagined why I was not part of the organizing team! How would I have also danced like them in the dress they were wearing?

Small tiny imaginations do make our moments valuable! One imagination was imagined together and that gave us smile and the other made me question about myself! Why I had to limit myself as a small naive child, who could not speak, who could not get good marks in the examination? Who didn’t even smile during the program of Gai Jatra festival with parents – where all the Hall was roaring with Laughter – This year must be 90’s when I was little. I was lost, lost – lost child – very very introvert.

Years after when I met you, I slowly try to come out of my introvert nature. I feel like I can share – I can speak and I will be heard. And, you heard, kept on hearing me! Till I started to speak, speak more! Smile more! Feel like loved! Loved? Really? I pinch myself! I feel like Yes – Oh yeah!

Second Set of Imaginations

We ensconce ourselves, in the heart of each other just like in the small chairs that we have marked ours indirectly because we never sit on any other chairs in the little cafe! This little cafe where we unlock our hearts and start narrating stories of pain, pleasure, happiness, sadness, anger, anxiety and love. No one would ever know may be the exact moment they fall in love just like the moment night and day meet to be apart daily, for that one moment of time! May be in that one moment I fell for you!

But, hearing you has a different charm – your style has a different charisma! I can look at you and fall in love with you for thousand of times! I look at your tiny movements, gestures and smile! Hearing you is like Vipasyana where I can feel the atoms in my body move. Your words, move from my head to toe like this giving me an ecstatic meditative feeling.

Sometimes, I think I want to capture you, your every moment and your every glances too! Just everything that concerns you and then I want to create my second set of imaginations – without apprehension, without covertness – Just sublime you and I.

The year – should come soon! Till then may be it should be something I cling on – something I should be happy about – after all we live by that same hope! And, I don’t want to lose that hope!


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  1. Its always so warm to read you Coffee House , you know what when i was going through this particular article a wind of memory ruffeled into my memory of a Academy Award Nominee movie The Shawshank Redemption, when Red (Morgan Freeman) reads the latter of his friend Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) and it goes some thing like you mentioned “Remember Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.”
    And I am sure your writing will also go on spreading hope across the universe ..
    With Healing Peace Light & Love
    Suvas Agam

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