The Treasure

Of course you are a Treasure! Do you think you are less? I don’t think so! Why? But Why, I don’t think so? After all what is that in you that makes me feel you are not less than a Treasure? You trouble me a lot! I feel like you have an attitude! Oh Yeah! You have so much of attitude problem na! More than I have! But does this makes you less than a Treasure! No, it still doesn’t. You would ask yourself why? May be you will not know the answer to it, right? Sometimes you don’t know your own name or your identity is so fluid that it keeps on floating- Right after this sentence, you know what I want to do? I want to rename you-because for me you are that sparkling gem in life and of course a Treasure!

There is no blood relation of ours like Ama or we haven’t spent years and years to know each other but feels like we have talked so much-spent our energies of voice through wave length of sounds, spent our time thinking about each other with the links being sent by telepathic waves, spent time reading about each other so much through our writings, spent time hearing about each other so much in those stories of childhood and youth we share – Does it feels to you that I am revealing all the secrets? Shh.. still not and I won’t. But I know you will let me express- like always – like the way you keep on listening for long while I don’t stop my babble. Ok! Let me babble a while…will you? Stop buzzing over my head, for a while- will you?

Growing up in urban, the feeling of “treasure” for me has been designed by the cartoons that I watched, the soaps that I saw and may be the movies that I have watched and also through the tales Ama used to tell. I definitely feel like being Sunkesharee Rani, Cinderella or even the Princess Jasmine or even the Mermaid – like the ones showed for the “female” children while knowing that for male cartoons it would be something distant, far far away things in the jungle where he meets his treasure but eventually falls in love and that’s where his treasure hunt ends. May be there are two kinds of treasure- one designed for male and one for female-but finding each other is the best treasure that these cartoons show- I know there are definitely patriarchal norms and gender biases but I am no mood discussing it here- You and I will be fighting with our own mindsets-and I am in no mood to do that.

I am no Sunkesharee or Cinderella- I understand this. But you know it feels like a princess – when you are made to feel one with the showers of affection in that smile, in those beautiful deep eyes, in those fingers that runs in my hair, in those feet that walk beside me, in that warm palm where I squeeze my hands in, in that shoulders where I rest my head and I look at the stars far far away, in those pieces of momo we share, in your warm arms- where I free myself! In this meditation of love- where I inhale your love and exhale our love…and I feel like whirling round and round and round with happiness- Now – Yes after writing so many words – I would definitely feel shy- yes with you!

It’s you-the feeling of “Oneness”! It’s the sense of “Belonging” to you! It’s the understanding of the”wholeness”! It’s the development of “Unity”! It’s the sharing of “Uniformity”! And it’s may be being in this beautiful and grand bond of “Union”. Now, do you understand, why you my treasure ? You do na? I know you are giving that dimpled smile now – and you know I share that with you because while smiling – I will definitely be in your head and I know I am always in your heart! My dear treasure ((:

Note: “Laya- The Rhythm of Heart is a new category I have added where I will be writing the rhythm of my heart and also all the feelings of my love, affection!”


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