Table Song~eet

I wish our talk to shift from Table to Tree--

I wish our talk to shift from Table to Tree–

A Photograph

This is a new aura or a new ambiance ~too different from our little Coffee table with two small chairs. A little big for two with two spare empty dark chairs. We fill the emptiness with our heavy loaded bags, first. Secondly, we fill them with our heavy loaded hearts and obsessed minds.

Then, you slowly unpack the heavy bag. My eyes twinkle with an awe, affection and delight.What is new in the bag? What is new in that wrapped one? But my attention goes towards your heart and mind. While you start unwrapping your recollection, I snatch the wrapped ones ( I know those are for me, their specialty hints). Tightly clutching them to my chest, I keep them aside. Making them so mine.

Something that what is yours is mine, something that what is mine is yours…Strange. How is this possible? The facade of my face resembling you, the reflection resembling you and the heart and mind just like a photocopy of yours- Don’t you feel like I am shadow of your own body that you have ignored or never noticed for years and years?

Waiting… I am for you to unpack your heavy loaded heart.  Once you start reciting yourself- I feel like I am watching you through a bio-scope. The visual generates in my mind and I am looking at it without my eyes or perhaps with my eyes open or just staring at you fills every gap and I feel like I am watching your world through a bio-scope. So “different” is your world. Not a normal one. Distinctness in everything is what the most special about your world.

I know you notice me – jumping with laughter at your classic jokes and at the same time in tears at some emotional account of yours. I try to ignore your eyes….but as you tell it right – my facial expression reveals everything. I don’t have to speak up.

Even though you are yet to finish your bioscopic loads, I catch your hand and take you to tour into my small world. It is hard. You have to put your feet into my shoes to travel into my world. How luckily and how strangely your feet -fits into my shoes? Isn’t it magical? Yet, I am no magician to change your feet size nor this is a fairy tale – Cinderella like. This is life. I check your feet, I judge your feet. Doesn’t your feet clutch in my shoes? You walk freely without judgements.

Yet, I have nothing to unwrap. I have nothing to give. I have nothing to share aside myself and the little heart that could share some of the burden of your precious heart. Do you know the size of our hearts are similar? Well, I can carry as much as burden as you can. You fit in my shoes, your heart fits my body and soul. Lets exchange our heart. I want to take all of your burden in me and let you walk freely also avoiding my shoes. 

“Take bite of your favorite VEG-momos it is getting cold!”
“Oh Yeah, I will” ( I drop my fork in anxiety)
“Oops, Sorry!, my etiquette needs more grooming”
“You are best in your own ways, etiquette doesn’t suit you”
“Sorry, I am too busy with momos 😉 “

Touring my world, you take me back to your world again. Back and forth we move from your world to mine or sometimes we peek into others’ world as well and try to understand a broader concept that is life. Multiplicity describes life. Single identity is not possible at all. This is why unknowingly we switch our identities. You become me and I become you.  Yes, aware of this very fact we are. We move around these identities.

Sometimes we are friends, best ones – unpacking our loads to each other we don’t see anything that bars to share any any of our secrets and sometimes few dark secrets too, at times we are mother and a daughter – for the love we share for each other, sometimes we are sisters and brothers – for the bond we share, for bills, food, drink that is “jhutho” and for the tremendous sisterly and brotherly fights and punches, sometimes  father and a son – we talk about responsibilities,  business plans, sometimes we are like father and a daughter – I pamper myself demanding everything and sometimes like two lovers –just lovers…full of love!

“This must be your last glass, you’ve drank too much”
“No….you forgot this is my first glass….”
“You need to be sober”
“But I am not drunk at all”
“Yes, you are”
“No, I am not”

This table is for me a photograph in my mind. The music of “Song~geet” buzzes in my ear and perhaps yours too. I don’t feel like this is real. But I think I am looking at a lovely photograph and remembering the moment. This Table Song~geet is not real but it is some memory or even a Deja vu.  A single photograph has a lot of story to tell. A photograph not only captivates the place and subject but just everything from feelings to emotions and from ears to tears and from life to non-life. This image of our “Table Song~eet” is eternal stamp in my memory lane.

“You are a crazy young lady”
“I love being called crazy May be this word defines me impartially.”
“And, Perhaps, me too”


3 Responses

  1. nice one….liked it

  2. Thank you Beck 🙂

  3. don’t know if its real or fantasy but you convey your observation with clear sighted candid expression and piggy bank full of humor… Moreover you really appreciate and understand mystical human nature 🙂 i wish your blogs swift form internet to hard copy book soon…haha cheers!! loved it!

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