Monsoon Madness

Falling and Rising and Rising and Falling

Do you remember? But I have marked it in the calendar of my heart. Not only marked but I have engraved it so that it will never ever be erased. But do you? Have you? May be you had thought of doing so but you could never? Right? Yes, you will say “yes” abruptly. Enough blame game I played- you played- we played together. Cursing the poor old luck which did not have any courage to support either of us- we have cursed “luck” enough- we have cursed each other and ourselves enough. Feels like I could never in my life be so live again. Do you see?

Each year one circle of life ends and another begins. With a big circle we came to the Earth, each year the circle shrinks and the following year it gets smaller. Hadn’t I imagined when Illiyaa loved Nusrat in the novel “Lu”, hadn’t I wanted a silent lover like Illiyaa. Had I been as lucky as Nusrat? I can imagine. Imagination costs nothing. Not even a ticket, like the narrator says in the novel. How much lonely life is like Illiyaa’s ? You have everyone and you have no one? If I could continue this post-modern novel– I will create a character who loves Illiyaa more than he did to Nusrat. I will never let Illiyaa to be alone, to be always tagged as a “Badmass”. If I was in the novel, I could have loved Illiyaa more than his mother.

So long! I was away from reading. The thing I love so much. And from writing? Yes from writing too. I have ignored enough. Rain always makes me crazy. Outside my window, I could see a collage- the time is just the moment when the day is about to turn into night- the clouds are moving slowly, they are turning dark as well. Far away, far far away at the feet of the Champadevi hill few huts with light could be seen just like fireflies. Slowly it is getting darker and darker. The tall hills are about to get a good sleep now. Tomorrow they have to again face heat from the sun or rain from cloud. But they stand as they are. So strong. And it is dark. Everything invisible for next 12 hours.

Feels like yesterday, I was a child. Ama taught us to look over clouds and imagine different shapes. Sometimes it became dragon, I feared. “Monster in the sky”, when ever I said with so much fear- it was Ama who changed my imagination to delicious ice-cream. Suddenly monster changes into delicious ice-cream. Those imaginary ice-creams were so precious and so lovely. More real and more tastier than while she took us to Neeralaz.

Who cares.. imagination doesn’t costs anything but they are sweet, sweet sweet like a glass of red wine or vodka.


Enough is your madness

Trying to wash away the sadness

Drop by drop to the huge flood

Falling and rising

Rising and falling

Falling is absurd

Rising is absurd

Falling and Rising both are absurd.

Then Monsoon why you fall so absurd?


6 Responses

  1. completely wet by your words …….rain-rain and only rain….
    need to take a shower…..otherwise i could get a cold!!!!!!

    great write-up i would say….. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much Ashesh for inspiring words 🙂

  3. wow sweta.. we are inspired always

  4. Loved it…… Nice expressions. Keep it up Di!

  5. Thank you Lava ji and Yash ji 🙂

  6. Hadn’t I imagined when Illiyaa loved Nusrat in the novel “Lu”, hadn’t I wanted a silent lover like Illiyaa. Had I been as lucky as Nusrat? I can imagine…..
    My Goodness!! absolutely astonished!! why do i always feel when i read your article that ur writing my words ur writing being ‘Me’…Awh…!! wish i could write like this. 😦 awesome no wonder 🙂

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