Without addressing you.. like I always did,

Far away the moonless sky stares like it had done yesterday, like it did today and will do it tomorrow. I turn my back to you sky. But is your presence ignored by my turning back to you?

How long can one lead and live in disorientation without dreaming the beautiful dreams of life? For how long can one live in just expectation? At a time when all the expectation doors are closed?

How long can one hold oneself upright, feeling and trying and then feeling fine? Like an army command, –how long can “mind” direct “heart” presenting do ‘s and don’ ts ? You have everything when you have nothing. Could this in reality be possible? Not at all. Not at all. Can truth be opposite ~ You have nothing when you have everything.

Sometimes illusions are like ice creams, you lick it and it keeps on melting. You don’t give a chance to melt but it melts and the melting you taste. Illusions do melt. They give charm like ice cream. But as you lick it it starts melting till you finish it.

Same road I crawl upon everyday while going to everywhere. No change at all. My address is fixed but is destination fixed? Why not? Why not? Why not one is bound to go a fixed place? Why there are choices? Why there are compromises? Why the hell is one bound to live in compromises?

On a hot summer day, sweat is bound to flow away. On a rainy day, rain drops wash away. On a dry day, wind blow blows away. On a wintery day, what? Warm arms kick the chill away.

And every moment of the painful birth winged dreams fly away. They are born to fly how painful birth they take, giving a damn to the one who passed through such a huge labor pain.

Best were the dreams which never became reality. Best were the moments which are now limited to memory. And best were the things which so easily broke away.

Hadn’t I tried to stand up? Haven’t I been standing even when best dreams have already failed? And ain’t I have enough courage to stand up with the known facts that more best and best dreams are yet to be failed.

Just like the dream of your reply. With the known fact that you will never reply to this letter, I write it. I write to prove my illusion wrong that you will reply the previous letter.

Crying is easy. Not crying is not so easy. Haven’t you faced the same that when you try to shed tears and tears come from nowhere? You must have. Well, much more confusing letter I guess.

With immense love…


2 Responses

  1. loving to read you inbox(es) Sweta. Keep it up.

  2. Thank you Shikha 🙂 You have been a moral booster 🙂 🙂

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