Old weak stick

Old Stick

Old Stick ( Found it in google)

Handful of time fled away

Leaving a wrinkled body and a soul at unrest

Eyes are shrinking and vision dimming

Legs are weak now, needs a stick.

“Don’t worry, our son will be it”, Proud me always said.

But where is he, when my feet are trembling?

A dead wife.

An alive son.

But have you become so dumb, like your dead mom?

You don’t talk with me!

You don’t listen to me!

Where are my dreams of you son?

Do you remember the fingers that made you walk?

Today, I need your fingers to walk

But I take a cane now

Do you ever realize I need your love son?

But you curse me for being a burden,

Old age is a curse.

I shall never curse you because I love you,

But time will evidently transform you.

I shall not see you old.

But that day you shall see me in you.

Thursday, April 26, 2012, Newroad

( I was at an eye clinic at New Road, this old man happen to come with a heavy foot and a old stick in hand. Another man was helping him. I thought and everybody thought the helping man was his son. No, he was another patient. The old man who was blind came to the clinic alone from his home to the eye clinic. Everybody was inquisitive – He was blind, He looked rich. Upon asking, he tragically said -: My son does not speak to me, my wife died -: A old man’s situation is terrible after his wife dies. I silently cursed the son. I felt poetic and composed this poem there.)


4 Responses

  1. men lean so much more on a marraige than women, and they often go berserk if they lose their wives in old age. It’s really observant of you to notice and point this out Sweta…

  2. “a child needs a mother and an old man a wife” is a reality. its the children who become indifferent to their ageing parents thats so sad

  3. Great one !

  4. wow

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