Sathi ..

But I still wait for you to reply without even knowing whether you have been receiving or not receiving those previous mails. So many things make me fused up, things are not as they used to be, people are not as they used to be, change is inevitable my dear but something underneath is changeless: the desperate wait for your reply. I have been waiting, I will be waiting.

I am so inexpressive these days~ Just stuck up somewhere beneath. Feelings boil like water in a kettle, waiting to come outside, but the lid  is so tight. I boil myself inside. Writing to you relieves me. Feels like I am talking with you~feels like you are hearing me and with your typical smile responding to my stupidity.

Yes, I miss being stupid with you~I miss being joker with you~  I miss fighting with you ~ I miss crying with you~I miss myself~ my true self that I would have been with you.

My dear friend: How are you? Where are you? What are you doing? When I will be able to see you again? So many questions trap my heart tightly ~ there is no one to answer. I hide my face with my palms~I wipe tears ~I hide away the teary eyes but mirror reflects and shows me how much pain I am living in. You are not here. You are not here.

Life is so straightforward these days. But even if you walk in the straight line~ accidents cannot be avoided.

I lost you ~ I lost myself.

The happiness lies unexpressed. The sadness remains unshared. With these two ~ I am fused up.

Come back ~ come back with a reply…I am waiting my dear friend

Wishes and hugs




4 Responses

  1. Sweta, every time I read your inbox, the question comes in mind, “who is that person, I mean who is ur fren jaslae kaile pani reply gardaina?” I love reading your inbox (es).

  2. Thanks Shikha 🙂 Well, one day he will reply.. I have that hope 🙂

  3. at least i know, he is a “he”! now a girl who gives me wonderful advises of not to fall on a long lost banana peel of love, you should not too.
    all of us wants to be hugged and loved but if we never did loose anyone or anything in life, how are we to reminiscent of the lost and go on a quest to find it?

  4. I’m not a good writer to express exactly how i feel reading this post, otherwise I would have described every situations mentioned in this post, viz. the joke of ant & elephant, my unexpected smile towards your sentiments, abt sms & funny chats, etc etc…..

    But I know, you can understand all those untold feelings….:) you have so nicely expressed everything. I m also inside the kittle.

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