Here comes November …

Two days left ~November will come again with same gloom and sweet feverish pain. Here comes November~here comes memories ~here you come back again. Here comes November at the door and it knocks. Can you hear the knocking of the November? I can feel it and I can hear it because November revives you in me when it rains. It is so original and so live. It moves in circle and it never ends, yes I am talking about the months and seasons ~ they move all the time. Sometimes you are December ~ you are so cold, sometimes you are April ~ so live…and sometimes you are June-July ~ so wet and sometimes you are November ~ so mine.

You remember the rain in April ~ when we met for the first time and do you remember the cold November rain when you crossed the Rubicon. You went away with a promise~ while we were having bitter espresso~your promise was bitter than espresso that day ~ you were never coming back.  And, it rained that day outside and inside. I did not show water in the eyes you loved most ~ it would have made your departure painful.

Sometimes you are November ~ so mine…

You already know how much I cherish the rain in November. Do you remember ~We have spent the rainy November day with soft whisper ear to ear… via electromagnetic waves ~ so lost in rain~ you and me though we were miles away from each other. But on the day of departure~ so lost were we~ you in thoughts of mine and me in yours ~ we were face to face staring each other without a single word ~ so near and so distanced ~ taking the sip of bitter-sweet espresso.

Sometimes you are November ~ so mine…

I wait for the rain in November. It chills me~ it refreshes me ~ it brings you back again with chilling warmth. Yet the rain hurts me, it reminds of good-bad days. I am confused ~ so confused. Was being together good ~ or was the departure good? Was being together bad or was departure bad? I love both. I cherish both. I love the time we spent together ~ I love the departure that we faced together. I know it equally hurts you, pains you , aches your heart like mine. We share the sadness of departure ~ so together. Till today, we silently keep the pain at bay to make others happy and to seek happiness out of them. We remain silent for ourselves.  We don’t talk even when we find each other, even when we see each other – online.  Yet we don’t block each other. I don’t know why we can’t to that.  We never do that~ we see each other and we never talk. You always loved silence ~ me just opposite. You know things are situational ~ I love silence now. I love your deep-grave silence ~ as you speak in silence.

I know you wait for rain in November ~ because it reminds you of me. And you know how desperately I wait for the November rain ~ because it reminds me of you.  The wait begins after two days. How much happy-sad we would be ? You know what I will do right? Yes.. you are right ~ I will go out ~ to be in rain ~ to be with you.

Sometimes you are November ~ so mine…

P.S. Welcome again November … bless me with rain..





5 Responses

  1. that was the day 2 yrs back……i had commented on your post. n till today this guy is your fan…..actually written 5 more lines about this piece(actually November Rain wala is my personal favorite) but deleted again….that is not needed…..flawless sentiment that holds me tight until i finish the last line…as always…..liked it!!!!

  2. Nice…plz keep sharing!

  3. very painful. well expressed though almost poetic. would appreciate it if ud stop by my blog sometime. im following urs. thanks. cheers.

  4. very very beautiful ! praised in silence.

  5. Sagun Mam, Prakash Sir.. I feel honored having your comments here…

    Ashesh .. Thank you as always 🙂 🙂

    Arjun ji.. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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