The Spider

Jealous, I am

With you Spider,

For being mightier than me

To create beautiful silky world.

You have been gifted

With the spinnerets,

Poor Me — I lack them.

I envy your artistic-ness

By which you draw your silky world,

With the fizz of your invisible tongue,

How strong the silk threads are, I imagine!

To hold the precious diamond- dews, till they vanish!

Your web glows with the diamond windows,

That spells me

An orb of yours,

A World of yours,

A home of yours,

That always spells me!


3 Responses

  1. Nice one….keep sharing!

  2. Thank you sir , I am grateful to have your comment here.. 🙂

  3. Yes Spider binds, it creates a spell which we cant escape; it permeates it casts its magic on us; love representation to me who always feared spiders and never knew its enchanting charisma– great great writeup author blogger and keep it up

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