You were always magical. You spoke magically. Your eyes were magical. Every word of yours was such that it created a sensation in me. I loved( still cherish) everything about you. Sometimes I wonder do you remember me a bit? You seldom do that. Love is freedom. I gifted you that freedom a long time ago. I have no intention to harm you even from this writing. Whenever, I try to write something then I remember your parting words,”Don’t write about us ever, I can’t bear”. How can this be possible? How can I stop loving you? How can I harm you?

Your absence gives a lot of heartaches. You have left me with a thirst, hunger and a quest for love. I am in quest, quest for your love. Your love. Your long lost love. I clearly know your love is someone else property now. I will never find the treasure of your love. This really hurts because I have lost you for forever. I wish I shall never see your face again

What happened to my cell- phone? Is it broken? Do you remember saying this while I will not send you any text for half day? You were habituated to me so much and you thought I was not ? How you belonged to her at once and how easily I lost you at once? I lost and she gained you. I cherish losing you as well. Ah! Love is terrible. You come just like rain– so unexpected. Weather forecast does not work here. You know why I used the word rain here, you know the answer because I loved rain a lot but now it brings you back every time it falls, so I am bound to dislike it now but…– wo ai ni hen dou

I remember how much you loved my eyes and how much you hated my tears. Tears are permanent my dear! Tears are so very permanent!


5 Responses

  1. How could such a nice piece not have a title?
    Enjoyed reading!

  2. gratitude , great great writeup and expression of love

  3. searching my past…. Fabulous written…

  4. Enjoyed reading your piece of writing. The last two lines are really touched my heart. Keep writing.

  5. You come just like rain– so unexpected!! sweta!! dude!! do u realise?? how special u r?? gudness!! loved it

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