Winged Dreams – II

Dreams are set to be broken; they are made to be broken. Every time while opening eye, dream breaks and brings you back to the real world. How lovely and how pretty the dreams are when one is asleep? Impossible seem possible in dream, desires are fulfilled in dream and everything seems so real. This is what I love about dreams, yet I hate it- because it breaks every time. It is confined to the unreal world, to the unreachable world and to the untouchable world. The most painful moment I feel is while the eyelids gets opened automatically from the sweet sleep. How rude is this moment? How painful is this moment when I don’t want to open my eyes because I am dreaming something so beautiful and eyelids open unknowingly. Suddenly, you are brought back to the real world, your bed, your room, your world, your real world in which you are supposed to live, you are bound to live and you can’t ignore it in anyways.

Dreams are yet precious. Dreams are yet lovely. Dreams are yet powerful. Dreams are yet attractive. Dreams are yet dominant. Dreams are yet “Dreams”. They have wings and they fly away. I am one of those who love dreaming. I dream to make myself strong. I dream to fulfill those things that are never, ever and will be never-ever fulfilled in the life time. My dreams have wings. Every time I dream they fly away giving a severe heartache. So, I have stopped dreaming because I feel pain. I feel disturbed. But dreams come unwanted sometimes or every time. They come as if they were granted and they are here to make me happy, they are here to help me to create a reality out of it. However, dreams can never be reality. Reality is something different, something harsh and something painful. Something unimaginable!!!

Dreams are like building castles in the sand which will be forcefully erased by an overwhelming cascade of waves. But still I search my existence in my dreams. I search my desires in dreams and find it fulfilled too. But as soon as it is fulfilled it breaks. What is the meaning of dreaming then?

You are made to dream the future some five years for now, some ten years from now and then you are directed to be happy. You are cheated every time by making you dream. At the same time you don’t realize that you were just forced to dream that will make you happy for a moment and people steal your momentum happiness. They steal that happiness and you easily let them to steal your happiness. You can’t stop them because they are also the part of dream that they make believe will be fulfilled in coming years. Does life move on with the tik tok tik tok of the clock’s hand? Life is unplanned. But why do you are made to make plans of life in the dreams? After all dream is something so unreal. Every time you are cheated via your dreams. Dreams are sensitive and they are soft. Yet you are made to dream the unreal because you are made to be cheated in reality. You are given a format of dreams with the contents that these are your dreams. And it becomes, it has always become the way to cheat you, the way to punish you for nothing and they thing to hurt you every time. You are made to dream. It is because your dreams have wings and they fly. In real, they fly so high to the unreachable heights….your hands are too small to reach it !!!


2 Responses

  1. I too love dreaming! yeah ‘dream’ is unreal but being unreal is the reality of dream…. for me living and dreaming are two different parts..yes there are dreams in living and there is life in dreaming but still they are different!
    beautiful piece! thanks for posting, please do post more frequently! Best wishes! 🙂

  2. Nice to see your post after long time…I like to dream a lot too….ppls with no dreams in their eys hate the dreamers here…..keep dreaming !!

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