In the clouds

A cup of magical black coffee without sugar, tipping rain , a wet umbrella and the blue mimosa everywhere; I just love to walk in this rain.

Isn’t it amazing how water pours from the sky above our head? During my childhood I always imagined to touch sky, especially the rainbow. I always wanted to have wings as a child. Such a stupid I was, I jumped off a wall thinking that I will fly away with a comb in my hair and along with brother :). Nothing happened to us, luckily. I always imagined as a child to be a bird, to have cartoons as my friends they were mostly Gummi bears, Chip-Dale and most importantly I imagined being Minnie Mouse and having a house like hers and a lover like Mickey. I always wanted to have a small house of my own and rooms, I always wanted to shrink and to be smallest like Chip-Dale; I wanted to be Mermaid and swim. Ah! Those were the imaginations…

But, imaginations remain imaginations always and forever. They give you a sense of relief when you fantasize them. I have always enjoyed in imagination. Our teacher used to say that human heart has more speed than light and sound, it can travel anywhere at anytime. It is so true. My heart always travels around, everywhere and anywhere. My childhood dreams / imagination revive again. I really want wings; I wish I could travel around. I want to touch the rainbow and feel a colorful feeling. I want to be a bird, to have no restriction of flying ( at least I will not need a visa). Humans betray always, I want cartoons as friends. How ideal they are, how moral their ideologies were? Mermaid always fascinated me, how it feels like to be beautiful like a Mermaid?

Reality is so different, so different that imaginations are most of the times shattered. No one feels the pain but just you when imaginations are shattered. I light it and inhale it deep to my lungs and throw it out, do I feel shame about it? No, I don’t feel shame at all. But something burns with it; the broken dreams, fake imaginations and the sadness created because of them, all of them I have to burn. They have to burn, imaginations have no space in reality at all.


3 Responses

  1. Good to read from you again

  2. dherai pachhi dijju ko blog khole aaja….. yo rachana man paryo dijju… kip it up 😉

  3. creative pursuit woow full of reality

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