Another year…

07 August 2008- 07 August 2010

Another year passed by…making it a second year for me that I entered in this world of blogging. Just another year went by definitely changing so many things in the blog and within myself.

The Coffee House Revival ( Excavating Freedom ) turns two today. Growing each day with incidents and events, excavating freedom within self and in the world. I grew up with this blog.

I grew up in every sense. Poems, monologues, stories and many more. I started my step in online literature…and that is the greatest achievement.

Still growing with this blog…still a long way to go…still a lot to do for making myself strong and this blog strong. And still a lot freedom to excavate..

Happy Birthday to you Coffee House….


10 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday Coffehouse!!! Congratulation to the owner of the blog who turns 2 years older and a new day has come. this is the process of life old days passed to welcome new days. keep it up. keep blogging. happy blogging. we wish it will celebrate 100 years and still go on. Happy blogging..

  2. All the best!

  3. Congratulations..!!!
    Keep blogging.. wish you more success in coming years..!

  4. Happy birthday coffee house!!

  5. I enjoy reading u….
    keep writing
    wish u all the best for ur coming days

  6. happy birthday Coffee House. Wishing your more and more success ahead!!!

  7. Happy Birthday!!

  8. Thank you All..


  9. Though lately, but wishing happy birthday to my dear Coffee House.

  10. but it seems you seldom blogged in the third year? I dont know if there was any paricular reason…i am just few months old in blogging and i am pretty excited with all the things i get too read here…

    About ur posts…i am wordless..i like the way you write…’beautiful’ is what i shall call…. And keep posting!

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