Winged Dreams

Just a little dilemma..dreaming about wings or dreams are getting wings…..A hot coffee this cool evening…..strong…the laughter..and the fear….the disappointment..the rebel…the taste…the burning chest…and the sweet headache…must be two glass or cups….must be three…and then it goes…till ten…No, don’t want it now……..But…would love to….drink it tomorrow yet again……….with the same zest and same vitality…

The two chairs in front of each other, one occupied and the other with just the shadow, the smell, just this much. The two cups ordered, one with coffee and the other empty. And it goes on. Just the repetition nothing else and nothing more. Trying to revive the bygone but never it will be the same. There is shadow, there is smell, there is feeling, there is sounds and rhythms, there is laughter, there is smiles, there is tears. There is tears. Everything singular or are made to be a singular kind of thing.

The winged dreams.

The hope that the winged dreams bring. They fly to and fro…they fly indeed they fly to and fro. Like the pendulum to and fro…nothing random. Everything planned, hopefully by fate not by anyone else. The electromagnetic waves killing the distance in between…..the decreasing balance and increasing heartbeat….The soothing waves in the ears. Like the lullaby, but never giving sleep. The telephone in the salty water…shit ! it started working the other day. Had hope that it would be dead simultaneously with the e-magnetic waves but it did not even after dipping itself in the water.

Started walking the other day in the world. The telephone is not dead but would never sing again. So what it would not sing again but it will be in the pocket.( Probably with hopes; the winged dreams). The presence deleted; a simple option ‘delete’. Telephones, ! envy u. Saved in the telephone in many forms-contact name, number, texts, notes, the depth saved. Telephone in the pocket, ! envy u. “Delete” key …Damn powerful telephone again ! envy u. The virtual existence grabbed that it creates a real existence; heavily blurred.

They flew away. They had wings. Yes the dreams. They flew away.

Looked at the sky did not found. Telephone used. No response. The e-magnetic waves dead. Nothing to envy from the telephone again. They flew away. They had wings. Yes the dreams. They flew away. The winged dreams.


4 Responses

  1. Didn’t understood what you are talking about ? But some part remind me the movie called ‘Triangle’ where same things repeats again and again…

    Dreams which has wings certainly fly…


  2. You are really true…Dreams which has wings certainly fly and they flew away……

  3. Enigmatic….. 🙂

  4. the third para is really good. hope and the winged dreams. the wings of life…

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