Hide and Seek

You were right there in front of me….but I lost you once again…with the same level of stupidity and craziness. You were again playing hide and seek with me…as you always do…nothing has changed in you in months and years…You love seeing me in trouble…you love making me sad and you enjoy it…But you have done nothing intentionally….I can understand it is for me…that you play hide and seek so that I can find you never in reality…..

So, you are playing the real hide and seek. You love to hide making me seek you always in the nooks and corners. But you forgot that …you don’t need to hide….You don’t need to hide because you are inside me…some where in my mind some where in heart…somewhere in the conscious and whole in the unconscious…you lie…come on you don’t need to hide.

You are hiding again ! Phew ! How can I make you believe that you don’t need to hide….You hide physically away from the world that I can never ever seek you in the physical form…but morally you are here…here with me so you don’t have to hide at all and I don’t have to seek you at all.

But, I enjoy playing hide and seek with you the only thing that makes me feel a kind of attachment with you Continue reading



Asked a teacher while I was in grade 5,  What is your Aim ? ( It was a general question to all the students )

More than 75 % had raised their hand ( including me ) to become a DOCTOR , I don’t know what craze was that….But being a doctor was an obsession, a long cherished unfulfilled dream……

I left obsession, when a tight moral slap ( not visible ) Life gave me …and I forgot about being a doctor indeed….

I feel jealous of you white coats….I admit I feel damn jealous…so I try to avoid Hospital as far as possible…

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