Rose Petals

Can’t even remember the thing that is so pale that is so hidden that only few people know about it. Perhaps the one who did and the other who suffered. So many wastage of feelings and emotions….in vain…Nothing is their to be revived again just to be burnt away like the burning body….

Rose petals are drying as it had to and We need to live life not leave it. Life has to be lived. I have learned this

There are many reasons that make you down …that make you frustrated and that make you so weak that you tremble when you try to stand up.

But there are also reasons though least that makes you stand up with the trembling feet….and walk a long way ( ahem ! )

Walk has never been so fun….for me…as the walk during the morning hours trying to lose some weight….Solo walking is more fun ( I prefer this ).

Walk on and on…..stepping over the rose petals…But what you stumble again. Like ever and ever….like an unending failures…. Failure teaches you so many lessons….and so I have learned…

So have I become more stronger… and So I will be….

Rose petals must be drying and when I take “r” of the word drying it will refer that the Rose must be “dying”….

It had to die…..and will die…. the RED ROSE PETALS


6 Responses

  1. everybody is born with a side effect: death. if u learn to die, u learn to live. right?

  2. Well, Everyone has perception regarding this… And of course,everyone has some moments, some untold stories..

    And its always nice when we learn from our mistakes, when we learn from failure, and certainly it makes sense…

    But when we say, I’ve become stronger…then it sounds bit funny…Bcoz its unacceptable for others… 😛

    And when One red rose petals dies then another will take place….and its universal truth…so, I must say don’t worry dear…Another will bloom for you….

    Anyway liked this heart touching piece….and yes I too prefer solo walking… 😉

  3. lovely feelings. always like your way of interpreting these emotions. simply lost with your words dear(as always)!

    and one thing, if you really wanna loose weight,mere morning walk isn’t enough. You need to RUN….RUN…..RUN…..he he he

  4. interesting article. thanks

  5. Yes Life has to be lived.. no matter what…. Emotions, feelings they keep us alive no matter whether they are good or bad, pleasant or frustrating…. Life has to be lived… 🙂
    Nice.. Kep it up..

  6. Your website looks really good. Being a blog writer myself, I really appreciate the time you took in writing this article.

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