Sweet Cigarette

Lighted me up

Like a sweet cigarette

Saw me burning till the last moment….

Love….as the sweetest cigarette…

Felt like ….a full moon….

In the darkest night…

Lately, I realized….

I was falling from the greatest height….

The cigarette….turned into ashes…

I turned into ashes…

Kept on seeing…..

Stepping on it….

Attached to me…..

Like a tumor affecting my body…

Creating Cellular turmoil….

Love as the loveliest tumor…

Like the cactus in the desert…

With hopes and thrones…

Piercing heart….every time

With a touch…

Lighted me up

Like a sweet cigarette

Saw me burning alive till the last moment….

Love….as the sweetest cigarette…


13 Responses

  1. khoi ke vanu..i’ve got no words to describe…wat deep feelings..wat deep thoughts..wat analogies…speechless..as always…

  2. wao wat a sweet poem like a sweeeeeet cigarette :))) ”Like a tumor affecting my body…Creating Cellular turmoil” ;Loved these lines acting as anatomical backbone for ur muscular lines and physiological units of ur feelings……grrreat :)))

  3. sorry i gave up!! hard to comment on poems u know. Don like overshadowing these wonderful sentiments!!

  4. i gave up!! u know its hard to comment on poems. just don’t like killing this overwhelming sentiment!!

  5. great poem !! but are cigerattes sweeter actually ?

  6. Sweet Cigarette… Silent satire…liked it very much dear… 😉

  7. as usual…no comments…

  8. अंग्रेजी कविता बुझ्ने हुती त्यति छैन आफ्नो, तर मन प-यो:)

  9. Getting addicted to ur posts… Deep feelings n wonderful expression..keep them comin’ my Sweet friend 🙂

  10. Very interesting and amusing subject. I read with great pleasure.

  11. Thanking you all

    Sweta 🙂

  12. Phat article, amazing looking website, added it to my favorites.

  13. A good poem-the speaker’s analogy of love with sth sweet & da dreadful consequences…fantastic Great Fall and Maximum insecurity of the persona in the LOVE has been articulatedly presented… Hwever, I’m afraid, I doubt on persona’s pessimism-IS LOVE ALWAYS PAINFUL-the thorn like spines of cactus is a significant adaptional feature tht suports cactus lesen transpiration rate & survive in tht extensive heat-so optimism cud b drawn instead of summrizin the persona’s love as ashes…

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