Beautiful ???

How it is easy to forget the past? A friend of mine told me long time ago that “You have two keys, one to lock your past and another to open your future”. By the way how it is easy to forget our past ?

Well not very easy than we think. Time and again past haunts us as a nightmare. It haunted me…. didn’t it haunt you ? Every time I try to get away from it  but every time I fail. Just instances are here and there every where… Dates…Days, Time, Place, Lamppost..etc….

Days pass, Dates change but do the feeling that deeply touches soul change that deeply threatens each time…the same thing haunts and same thing gets repeated. How hard we try to escape the good and the bad feeling..any feeling that have touched soul will never go away.. Do they?

A rain drop on my face….touches my soul…reminds me of so many things… Promises….Guff-suff…..talks….smses….everything…. Missing things.. that never has any value… that is never anything….that was never anything….

For me it was the biggest thing happened….ever… Miracle..I faced it ..I feel that….but how miracle turned out to be something disastrous that it hanged me in is hanging around every corner of mind…..

But…things change…just like Season…just like everything.. Everything must change….just like we change physically and mentally..just like flowers sprout from the bud… Just like moon…changing shapes… I realised I need to change….

Change because life is so beautiful in fact….Change because I need to live…

Contemplating !!!


7 Responses

  1. Beautiful…
    Past.. always follows us no matter we like to remember or not… It’s also true Life is beautiful no matter past was pleasant or not… We always stand on wreck of our past… We are here bcoz past was there….
    Everything in this world is changing except the ‘change’…. 🙂

  2. It reminds me a story called ‘Biteka Kura’ written by, RupNarayan Singh. I know, recently you have listen this story too. Anyway, it’s sometime beautiful and sometime painful. I know, it’s really hard to forget the past, but however if we tried then we can think ahead. So, I suggest you to erase those moments which haunts you everyday…Think about life and look ahead, think about future and think about present…Yes, life is beautiful, this moment is beautiful… 😉 Yes, Change yourself, if you are unable to change yourself, then I’m here re kya…haha… Anyway, it’s a nice piece of absurd monologue writing…keep it up dear…And think bright part of life.Enjoy every moment.

    बितेको कुरा बिर्सनु पर्छ, अन्यथा यसले आउने पलहरु अमिलो बनाइदिन्छ !

  3. I think that instead of forgetting the past, we can learn from the good and bad experiences we have been through and shape our present according to our valuation. Future is unknown, unpredictable, anything can happen. So LEARN from the PAST, LIVE in the PRESENT and WAIT for the FUTURE.
    What say!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Your past is part of you, so it is not easy to forget. The best thing to do is to consider your past as a learning experience and move on.

    Yeah some times it takes time but mostly that’s the whole point of past is to leave it there 🙂 look forward to the future!! 😀

  5. Most of the people think they have forgotten the past but none of them would. We learn from the past and implement in present as an investment for future.. if you don’t have past you wont have future that is for sure. After all life is beautiful even our past was not pleasant or present is desasterous and future may be unthinkable.. but life is beautiful. we are beautiful and beauty should not be weighted in a scale. be beautiful.
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    Keep writing. keep smiling.

  6. Yes! life is so…….beautiful. Post dipicted your enjoying charecter. Happy writing, Sweet Sweta.

  7. pastlai bhulera futurelaai ramro banaula bhanera jati soche pani nasakine rahicha.. aafu jati bhagna khojda pani pastle saya bani paila paila ma pachhyairahancha.. tesaile baru past bata ramra ramra kura harulai angaldai aghi badhe jiwanma pragati ko marga ma jana sakincha..

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