Sour !!!

I wonder why this happens only to me and why the reason seems to be so obscure that I so much depend upon others for the sake of my happiness. What others do makes me happy….why there is no way i search the happiness myself. I feel hurt…when things turn upside down feeling that after all people were never concerned for me…they were taking an advantage of being entertained….and why i was their entertaining character….

Sour !!! its sour reality which definitely hurts…but I am capable of curing it myself….that power I have…but sometimes I really get out of my mind because I find myself too much depended upon others…a single word can change my heart…my mind…but people lack that sensibility that they make you so much dependent upon them and leave it as you were never used to do whatever you used to do and say.

I must say you are too diplomatic….that…made me depend…but I had no hard feelings…or never thought anything else…than what I used to call you…But ….leave it….its dark dream after all….its not about the short texts….its about the feelings of the short texts……the sharing of  harmony….

Epiphany…definitely I am realising that I am so depended upon you and when I realised I challenged myself…..I wont depend on others for the sake of my own happiness…..and I will prove this….


3 Responses

  1. Sour… but reality… Like they say ‘Tito satya’… We really are dependent in one or other way.. I like your way of expression.. Keep this spirit… Keep sharing..

  2. Excellent Writing…It’s sweet not sour that you have decided “I wont depend on others for the sake of my own happiness”… That should be done, why to depend on other… Yes, It’s about independent, one can think about it…liked it… 😉

  3. yeah be independent but be dependent. confused? remember u live in a world, full of people and other beings. u meet many different people in the walks of life. ignoring others, u cannot live. So be independent but be dependent. Understood?

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