A band of Seven Colours

Seven Doors of Hope

What if one is closed…

There are still six more….

Pandora’s box of tragedy…

Preserved hope in it….

Sysipusian mystery….

Of rolling up boulder…

A hope indeed…


A band of seven colours…

Seven doors of hopes…

What if one is closed…

There are six more…

Six more….


5 Responses

  1. I like Black though… A mysterious colorless color… 🙂

  2. If one is closed,then there is other six more…Nothing will happen to that hope,it has still six more…Everything happens to that one,bcoz it has nothing more…Although rainbow will incomplete without 7, it can adjust…But dat 1 will be alone n has no importance any more for dat rainbow…It depends how you intrepret,but for sumtym 6 also be fine…anyway nice xpression,yes if 1 is closed there is still 6 more…Rainbow cant comprise for 1,bcoz there is 6 more…hope,1,6,n,rainbow…nicely presented… 7-1=6,
    Remember there 6 more…hehe… 😉

  3. Hope never dies…So there shuld be 7 not 6…hehe…rainbow n hope…;-)

  4. there are seven colors in a rainbow and if one is missing that would not be a rainbow. it will be something else to be named. there are thousands of other things but it one is missing or one part is missing means that is not complete. so if a color missing in a rainbow means it is not a rainbow. at this time in Nepal i think we can see rainbow too, it is raining season there.
    good writing and you are thinking well. think positive. good luck.
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  5. yes, there are six more but not a rainbow remains. It will be named other. So without the left one, other 6 will also have no importance as a rainbow but has importance as any other thing.

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