Drop....Photo by Kishor...

Drop....Photo by Kishor...



Like the water….

Hanging….in the branch…

Doesn’t knows…

When it will fall…

I am….


In a branch called life….

Excatly….I don’t know…

When I am going to fall…



I won’t be drop anymore…

No, more existence…of



8 Responses

  1. Nice… Liked it… 🙂

  2. I felt your poems has same gist.
    It expresses uncertainty and disharmony of life or world or things.

    But it seems reality and awesome.

    I liked also “Hanging…”

    But i think it will be good to decrease …. in your poetry.

    Not kidding….hehe

    So sweet pic. Thanks for click Kishor Jee.

  3. you are absolutely right. no one in this world know when we will fall. our days are uncertain and we are hoping for more certain things in the future. be optimistic not passimistic. ” Jindagi ki dori bahut lambi aur majbut hai, aisa nahi tutegi kyon? kisine dil dukhaye kya?
    be positive all the time.
    good luck.

  4. Yes,We all are hanging…nice xpression n wonderful click.

  5. yeah hami sabai yo jindagi ko dorima jhundi raheka chhaun.Our life depends on how long we can endure it in spite of any uncomfortable circumstances. Lets live it.

  6. The poem passes away simply touching the soul ……..

  7. Sweta G poem ali nirasajanak lagyo malaita. Be optimistic ek din ta sabaiko existance khatam hunchha nai haina ra?

  8. Cool picture and a nice flow…..

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