C + H + A + O + S




Few Minutes…

Few Moments…

Changes the world…

I am typing…



Within a moment…

I can fall…

This empty vessel….

And I shout…I am not…..


C + H + A + O + S


11 Responses

  1. Oh,yes…bcoz everything is uncertain…so,dis is happening…anyway nice expressiön! 😉

  2. i am sure you are some how being dissappointed. please be positive and think positive always and ofcourse time will not stop and everythig in this world is not remaining forever. we are living creatures and specially in Nepal at this time no guarantee of life as we are reading so many criminal acts are around.
    be careful and cheerful all the time.
    keep writing.

  3. Chaos.. Everywhere… In the outer world and inside the self… In the heart and in the mind….. Sometime it seems hard to live in the world full of chaos but amidst this chaos and suffering live goes on… Life is beautiful anyways… 🙂

  4. There is value of uuncertain things.
    That’s why death n tragedy is memorable in our life.

  5. hee i like this very much well keep it up

  6. yes, everything …. chaos…. not in order… yesterday, i didn’t get ticket in Gurukul….. i think you also didn’t get it… hehe…. nice poem!

  7. Yes…everything is in disorder….
    Btw how did u knew that I din got the ticket…?
    But I got it yesterday…..

  8. i like this much..keep on doing the great job..anticipate more from u..

  9. I honestly appreciate this poem. Ofcourse, everything in a world are uncertain. However, expressing the words of feeling has encouraged physically strong and capable forever. So, again & again….C+H+A+O+S orderly on you everywhere. Really, you have incredible insight….

  10. Thank you so much for the first comment in my blog…dearest fren….

  11. Nice visualization of chaos. Chaos, brings uncertainty, but to certainty.

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