Fever : Your Love

My Hanged head !!!

With Fever….

High Temperature

I feel heat….

Your Love : “A sweet fever indeed”

My freezed feelings

Melting with the heat…..

I feel it….

Your love : “A sweet fever indeed ”

While we held….”Talk”…

On a cup of coffee….

My heart starts thumping…

Swift in flow….

To and fro…Inside me….

In the veins….


I feel heat….

My freezed…feeling…


Your Love : “A sweet fever indeed”


6 Responses

  1. स्विट फिवर नै हो भन्या । कफि को कुरा ले रोमान्टिक बनाइदिन्छ । अनि हिट मा त फ्रिज भा’को नि मेल्ट भै’हाल्छ नि त ! भावनामा निकै बगिएको छ है ! जेहोस्, पढ्दा चाँहि निकै मज्जा लाग्यो, मेरै लागि लेख्या जस्तो, हेहेहे ! 😉

  2. yo love sanga pain ra fever na jodine ta kurai bhayena ni!! haha

  3. How familiar words that you have ‘designed’ !
    You are not less than a designer. I enjoy ed very much.
    Your words give those wounds, which has sensation to cure one’s deep sorrow. Actually your imagination and expression about love is rich in metaphorical treasure. Love: fever, ah ! nice one !!

  4. i think U should go for imaginative rain.. hehe.. timro heat therapy.

  5. Sweet post, sweet fever and Swe(e)t(a) the author… 🙂 , Can a cup of coffee can create the fever..? Why not, there are many kinds of fever… ki kaso…? 🙂

  6. love is always warm, but sometime like fire also. it depends on you how you drive it. i think you are in love with someone at this time. i mean with hu man ke. you love so many things that i knew from your writings. and it is melting means when will it starts flowing? please let me know so we can atleast wish for your better future and happy ending.haha
    keep writing. did you check my new site? http://www.net2nepal.com it is a wordpress site also with advertisements.
    have a nice day.

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