Thinking of typing………

Time is the most precious thing….When I imagine the fleeing time…I become restless like this….I am feeling right now. I wish I were a “mad scientist”…..or a mad teacher…Miss Margarita…..Right ??

Yeah I am thinking to write another review here…about the drama I watched yesterday….of course I wasn’t alone…Watching drama becomes more fun when you are alone. I prefer being alone there…but but…when you have a person by your side then it becomes more and more …..ahem !!! nothing…nothing… Yeah I was telling that you will have a shoulder…to put your head when you feel sleepy….

Actually , I was not feeling sleepy but was feeling scared with each and every move of the characters….I was there to watch…a monologue about the “King” ( Samrat ka Luga, I think I forgot the name). But the play was different…Yeah I knew it before only but thought it would be nice…

In last post about drama review also I have mention..I was too scared when I watched Psychosis 4.48….and I hadn’t wanted a pessimistic drama like the drama I watched yesterday. This creates a sense of pessimism in me. Which I don’t want. This absurdity makes me thinks of absurd….

It makes my soul jumping…and what happens to me is strange…hehe ( I think ali badi guff bhayo )

Well, the play about a doctor..( I again forgot the name…) and another one is Miss Margarita…were really heart touching yesterday…Right?

Right ? this word frequently used by the character…is what I can never forget…Although highlighting the most bleak and obscure part of personality it made us laugh…so many times…Right? Thank God this play made me laugh…although it was too pessimistic…and heart trembling reality portrayed ….

The other play too was pessimistic.. the character lone…kills, rapes, and suicides….it was little hurting…I don’t want to talk about it…much…because the play did hurt me a lot….scared me so many times….and showed the darkest reality of the lone life..

These modern play…highlights the misery, pain, disparity, desperateness of the modern life. Modern life is so absurd…People live a lone life.

P.S. Watching a drama is so fun…yeah I enjoyed an wonderful evening yesterday…watching drama…but watching too much of pessimism is not healthy sometimes….


7 Responses

  1. Gurukul again… 🙂 I have been to Gurukul only once but a place I would like to be again n again… I really loved the ambience of Gurukul, the whole environment is gre8… Nice to know about your experience. Scared while watching drama…? hehehhe.. That’s why you were with ur friend I guess… 🙂

  2. I too watched it…

    Yeah, Those drama are wonderful…Mr. Jackal and Hide was about the +ve and -ve side of person and generally, it happens when people are alone…lonley…

    And another Miss Margaridha was also very heart touching…Right ?…hehe…Sumtime she talks about biology, sumtime math, sumtym histry, sumtym this sumtym tht…Miss Margaridha becomes sometime very emotional and sometime very funny and made laugh other…

    And ofcourse, when you are with your friends tht moment becomes simply wonderful… 😉

    And oveall, nice drama review…wish to see more drama review…hehe…

  3. yea, i’ve also watched them both… Ms. Margarida (Sarita Giri) was interesting….. khub haasiyo… ghari jibro tokdai… ghari chyaapu hallaudai…. ramailo bha’thyo

  4. Dear Sweta,
    Your interest in writing and tenacity on it is inspiring and hence praiseworthy. I will have to learn a lot from you. Keep it up.

  5. “Mysterious Queen of Paradox !!!”. This is how i would react after going through your self defined identity. As can be infered from the text itself, you are the most enigmatic young lady, whose identity seems to have been made up from the underlying structure of “BUT”. It is equally true that the concept of who u are goes as slippery and elusive as ‘the meaning’ in the post-structuralism does. And this is exactly what makes u unique and dynamic. Best of luck.

  6. Nice review! I had read a review in a paper yesterday too. I wish I could watch it.

  7. Ramailo post though I haven’t watched this drama.

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