Deny!! Do I ?

Let the wind open it ….

The door it has closed….

Will the wind be able to open

The door which it has closed….

Same happen in love !!!!! ( ahem !! )

You came as a wind ………….

Locked yourself in “me”

Now, I am being uncontrolled….

Can you bring me back to “control”

I deny my “eyes”

That search you everywhere….

I deny that “you are locked in my heart”

That feels you every moment….

I deny the feelings

That disturbs my mind “everytime”

I deny dear that ….

I fell in love….just after “we had fight”

Closeness that I feel

Love that I deny….

Fleeing away from myself …..

And my heart ….

Where you reside…….

I deny dear I deny….

I deny that you reside….

In the poor heart of mine….

I deny that’s “you”

Whom I vision every night….

I deny this feeling I am feeling….

I deny  this feeling is called “love”

I deny dear…..I deny that I love…….

But !!!!!!!

Will I be “apart” from “your love”

It’s my strength…..

Yes I am talking about “Your Love”

From which I can never be “apart of”


Deny !!! Do I ?

P.s. Especially written for my best friend…….ahem !!! how is it ????


10 Responses

  1. Beautiful poem…I’m loving it…
    Simply wonderful poem…Wish I can be poet…hehe…
    & Hope… will be never apart.

  2. nice poem….good job…

  3. Yet another lovely poem. Strong collision between heart and mind. Good one!

  4. Nice.. Interesting fight between ‘I’ and ‘My Heart’… 😀 In fact we all live with this kind of conflict in ourselves… but you’ve given words and that’s also in form of beautiful poem… keep it up. 🙂

  5. 🙂

  6. Wow
    you are such a good poet. it makes me feel like me too became poet while reading your post. and you wrote for someone special who is so close to you and your heart. those conflicts in mind comes and go while two hearts are fallen in love. that is how love grows. keep growing love towards your imagination and towards the person you love so much. i love the logo your blog has. wow nice design. did you made it yourself?
    keep posting.

  7. sweta :):)
    gr8 use of metaphor…i did liked it 🙂
    hamro ni lop sop pare hunthyo ali ali lekhna aamthyo ki yesto……

    big unseen hole in same door
    jus how cud wind open the door 😛

    trying to write hehe

  8. Hehe…Anil

    parya cha ki kaso….poem ta khubai aaudai cha ta….

    Thanks a lot for your comment

  9. u need to get ur poems published…as usual, u have played with strong feelings throughout ur poems..strong intense feelings…loved it…

  10. Thank you so much Shilpi Di….love ur comments as always….

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