Drops !!!

One and two…

A hundreds of you….

A thousands of you….

Where is your silver lining ?

White Clouds…

And why are you falling……

One and two

A hundred and thousands of you….

Falling from the sky

Wetting everything…..

A drop and two…

Again a hundreds and thousands of you…

Let me feel you…

Let me chill my bones…

Let me love you…

Dear lovely drops…

Let me love you…

Dear lovely drops…


14 Responses

  1. Lovely… Rhythmic like the rain itself… but here the wind is blowing away the tiny rain drops.. it’s scary… 🙂

  2. here the wind is blowing the cold rain into our skins … ‘let me chill my bones, let let me love you’ … what a challenge to appreciate the beauty of it.

  3. May the ‘lovely drops’ continue to bring sparkle of poetry – for all to enjoy 🙂

    A delightful poem.

  4. nice poem…and loving those drops… 😉

  5. How did u count the drops yar ??? u r too genious ….he he

  6. शितको थोपा बनी म पनि पो झरी दिउँकी !
    एउटा एउटा गरिकन आफुलाई छरी दिउँकी !!

  7. Good flow of words and perfect repetition of phrases made this poem so realistic. Felt like those drops are falling on me. 🙂

  8. Nice to read…

  9. keep it up Sweta

  10. haha this one is my fav now 🙂 i think u can write on anything u see…….

    one and two….
    few frends like u… 😛

  11. Lovely poem Sweta… wow… I so wish it rained again so that I could wet myself in the hundreds and thousands of drops!

  12. wow grea8 poem. me too feel like i was wet in the monsooon rain. Long time i could not see rain. away from Nepal and the place i live rains in a while. sometimes in years. i miss that clouds that was passing through the hills and making many different artistic shapes of my imagination while i was child or teenage. wow i miss them all for long now. let them fall till we get wet. here is the wordpress site i am currently working on at http://www.net2nepal.com

  13. Thank you so much for appreciating this poem…I hope to write more poems…..just it must rain….ahem !!!

  14. enigmantic!!!!

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